Evzen - Charm OC Shipping Contest entry~! Picture

Hey dere! Here is some info on this lil guy.

Name: Evzen (Ev-zan)
Gender: Male
Age: 18 (Human years)
Eye color: Red
Coat Color: White
Underfur: Purple

Mother: Persephone
Father: Hades
God of: Undiscovered

Favorite food: Dumplings
Favorite drink: Water

Likes: Fine Arts, Colors, Photography, Surfing, technology, masks, & Charm.

Dislikes: Cheese, Clay, Purple Vacuums

Evzen is a werewolf. (Mainly wolf form) And pretty tall. His parents are Persephone and Hades of Greek mythology. During the winter time, he stays in the Underworld with his mother and father. During spring, summer, and fall, Evzen is free to do what he pleases. He enjoys all types of sports and going to see theatrical plays and other things. He enjoys doing volunteer work to make the world a better place. Evzen also intrigues himself into technology. He studies all sorts of computer things and is very tech savvy. He also LOVES cars and beautiful mansions. (In which he lives in one.) He also loves beaches and doing romantic things.
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