Sky characters Picture

This is just some general concept work for Travel Log. Clearly I'm trying to practice my avian anatomy while I'm at it.

Fen Huan (I only drew one of them!) and Phoenix, and one of possibly many different varieties of dragon. Cheer, don't groan—there's no intention of including them obsessively, and even those of you who might somehow not like dragons still have to admit that they're pretty neat.

Generally, I'm still doing some design work, and these probably aren't quite final (I wish to tweak the Majestic Birds designs in particular). Behind the scenes I've been tossing concepts together, scratching down some story ideas and practicing my colouring skills. Some of you may have noticed that I'm digging around for fresh resources as well. There's still a fair bit that I have and can work with, but I would rather have some extra places to source ideas from.

For those who haven't heard, I got some new pencils, so I should be moving into a little more art again, assuming my ideas keep flowing. There's a few very significant characters who I'm a little stumped on, so here's hoping something sparks up for them soon.
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