Bluethunder/Icelight Ref Picture

Just a reference for my warrior self, she was born a kittypet c:

Name: Kitty/Bluethunder OR Icelight
Age: Twelve moons
Gender: Molly
Rank: Warrior
Personality: Will waver, makes bad choices a lot, is predictable, eye for detail, playful, easily guilty, lovey, indescisive.
Bio: Kitty was born a kittypet, but from birth she had always found fascination in the forest. She knew of the clan cats, she'd heard stories as well as seen some patrolling by her housefolk's home. But once she was six moons old, she decided that she would go out to meet them. But little did she know, that tonight was a full moon, and a gathering was to be taken place. Being overly curious, she padded on through the trees, and then, to her amazement, saw the Thunderclan cats heading into the forest! One cat caught her eye, but it zipped by quickly, so she never got a good look at the tom or molly. Stealthily, she kept up with them without being noticed, but once she had climbed up a steep part of forest, she was surprised to see the ravine that lowered down into the clearing, where the four clans sat in peace. She was instantly the center of attention, as all the cats nearest to her bristled and spat with fury. She cowered down into the dirt, shaking. A particularly eye catching tom was glaring at her, not snarling, but his eyes held his feelings, and they screamed rage. She realized that he was the cat she had noticed earlier. Another was a smaller kitten, about her size, sitting a few tail lengths away on her side, staring at her curiously. She wondered what the little cat was thinking but suddenly, a yowl came from the back and the cats surrounding the poor kittypet moved away to reveal a beautiful cat. Her fur long and sleek, her eyes more blue than the river, her claws glinted with the stars of Starclan, and her pelt had beautiful shades of gray and black, but had a striking stripe going from her nosetip to her tailtip. She motioned the shivering silver-blue kitten to stand and face her before meowing, "Greetings kittypet. I am Blackstream. I am deputy of Shadowclan. What are you doing here in the middle of the gathering, so far into the forest?" Some of the cats looked to the sky, wondering if Starclan would disapprove of the kittypet coming here, but the sky remained clear. Kitty cleared her throat before mewing shyly back. "I wanted to see the forest and smell the scents.. I n-never meant to intrude too far, but then I saw lots of strong warriors in the forest rushing somewhere, so I wanted to follow them and see where they were going.." She looked down and scuffled her paws in the dirt, self conscious from the stares she was getting. She looked back up to see two other warriors standing beside Blackstream, one was a brilliant silver tom with a white muzzle and chest, with black paws. The other was a pale brown tabby tom with startling deep copper eyes. In the moonlight they looked red. She shivered. The two other cats looked her up and down, sniffing and prodding with their paws before looking at Blackstream for confirmation. Walking up to the small cat, she placed her tail tip on Kitty's shoulder, murmuring in her ear, "If you wish to join us in Shadowclan, meet us here when the first lights of dawn show in the sky tomorrow. We await your answer, young one." She then padded back a step before hissing a quick Go! at the apprentice-aged cat. She darted back the way she came, panting heavily and looked wild. But she was overly excited. She was going to join the forest cats! She would miss her home, and her mother and siblings, but this has always been her dream! And maybe she could even get those two cats she had noticed above all others to be her friends?
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