Brookyln Bailey Diez Delgato Picture

Name: Brooklyn Bailey Diez Delgato
Age: 21 (Dob: june 1st)
Race: Human
-hair: (original color: dark black) Dyed blonde with neon pink tips
-eyes: hazel golden brown
-clothing/style: Street/Punk. Alway something with fishnets or something white, pink or black.
-Skin: light brown
-Weight and height:145 lb and 5'7
Nationality: Venezuelan/African (was born in America though)
likes: Takng this apart(especially when she's nervous) Any electronical device, Mythology and the supernatural, Reading and writing.dislikes:forgetting how to put things together, really hard puzzles, bad poetry, Emo people, people who are ALWAYS happy for no aparent reason. Being called by her real name(she prefers bailey)
hobbies: Reading, writing, Tinkering on things, Doing new things
Sexuality: Gay/Pansexual
Personality: Techno[nology] freak, Quick timpered, but sweet and understanding when she takes the time to listen, straight forward(very sharp tongue) but stand offish until she get's to know you. Mature but also very free willed, somewhat deductive and clumsy as hell</b>
Bio: Brooklyn was born into a broken family, she lived with her mother while her brother Anderson lived with their father. Brooklyn not being the smarted apple had her talents for building and deconstructing thing, thinking outside of the box and always looking above and beyond what was "natural" in the world. She lived a somewhat peaceful life moving around with her mother.

But then she found collage life to be too much for her when her father was arrested and her brother disappeared. Now she lives on her own flying from job to job. She can't ay she's happy but it pays the rent....

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