The God Bows to the Man Picture

This is a screenshot from one of my short animated films, "Yudisthira's Dog," based on a tale from Hindu mythology and animated in the style of a Balinese shadow puppet play (wayang kulit). In this story, a pious King Yudisthira embarks on a pilgrimage to the top of Mt. Meru, only to have each of his companions die along the way. Eventually he is left with only a stray dog for company, and together they complete the journey and arrive at the top of the World Mountain. There they are met by the god Indra, who praises Yudisthira's virtue and offers him a place in Heaven. But there is a price: Yudisthira must abandon the dog to his fate on the mountain, thus betraying the very principles of loyalty and compassion that made him worthy of Heaven in the first place.

To see how the story ends, click the link below:

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