Medusa Picture

Fear of Technology

For our sculpture project we were given the theme of phobias. I decided to work with the concept of fear of technology. In modern society we are becoming more and more dependent on technology, making its existance vital for us to function. I thought it would be interesting to work with the fear of this overdependence amongst the human race. I tried to convey this fear by using essences of Greek mythology combined with parts which represent technology. To depict this fear I chose to work with the story of Medusa. The head which I casted from mod roc and covered with computer code and script, uses nails, screws and computer keys instead of the original snakes from Medusa's head. As the myth involves Medusa being eternally cursed by Neptune; the God of the Sea, I tried to create a sea-like effect on the base. Instead of barnacles and fish entwined amongst the nets, there are old computer components to keep in tune with the technological theme. I also made mod roc casts of my hands and covered them in circuit boards and wires but also latex to give them a sort of ''cyborg'' effect; mixing human with technology. I placed them so they appear to be crawling out from beneath the nets and towards the head creating a feeling of intrusion. The head feels surrounded; under attack.
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