4th Realm Weapon Set Picture

(I'm new to the whole Deviantart posting thing, finally having a scanner myself, so for now, to see images you need to click for Full-View)

4 (Very Powerful) weapons used in my online forum/game/thingy, called "The 4th Realm". From Left to Right:

The Blade of Galm: Embued with the power of the goddess of light of the 4 goddesses, blade of silver, and enchanted exponentually with ancient forgotten but still powerful ruins of light, long story short, an undead's WORST FEAR.

The Spear of Destiny: Much Like it is is most "mythology" games, its a powerful spear, the most powerful weapon of Lightning magic, fine tuned to be able to summon fierce thunderstorms with a swing, and unleashing bolts of lightning if thrown, it will return to its wielder in the blink of an eye.

Bahamut's Roar: A sword made from a tooth of the Legendary (but often disputed) Dragon King, There isn't too much this blade can't cut through, however whats more the mystery, is what exactly carved this blade into existence in the first place.

Soul Harvest: Essentially the Grim Reaper's Scythe( in the 4th Realm it is a Job title easy to come by, and equivalent to Bleach's Soul Reapers)

(while several of these blades do have origins in other games and the sort, they by no means resemble they're counterparts, by more then appearance and name if anything, the abilities of the weapons are far different then the games they come from)
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