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Meet Circe, the most powerful of the sisters (consider herself a 'sister' to Medea and Pasiphae). [link]


Name: Circe Cycle
Age: Older the founders of Equestria. (stop aging at 21)
Legacy representaion: Circe, Greek mythology
Talent: Turning ponies/animals/things into what she wants. Also, if she's mad, she can turn anypony who stands on her way into... guinea pigs...
Spells: Alter Minds, Energy/Flame Breath/Blast, Illusion Casting, Matter Transmogrification, Projective animal metamorphing (eww), Teleportation, Telekinesis (her mind. Not horn), Agility, Pyrokinesis, Charmspeak, Foresight, Photokinesis, Chronokinesis and Thermokinesis.
CM: A blood-red rose with yellow comet tail.
Family: Medea Mercy (niece) , Pasiphae Pain (sister) , Hecate Health (mother), Calypso Cut (sister) and Helios Hate (father)


Have a heart that is tough as an unbreakable tomb, this minor goddess here is no match for the Princess of Friendship! Creates Coreece thanks to her and her sisters, she and Medea also with Calypso ran the nation. Placed the statues of the Titans and the Gods of Greece at each state, anypony that came there will respect anything, and turn against the Alicorns. Needless to say, those alicorns are enemies. Called 'The Immortal Sorceress' by the alicorns, she was highly respected.

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