Otherworlde: Melusine, Year 1 Picture


Name: Melusine
Age: 16
Height: 5'2"
Species: Cecaelia (Underrepresented mythological creatures, yay!)
-Shadow Ink -- Melusine can create a cloud of darkness near or around herself. It doesn't actually do anything offensively, but it obscures the vision of anyone trying to look into or through it, and blocks out all non-magical light within it.
-Swimming skills -- Melusine can breathe underwater and swim faster than a normal human.

Level: Beginner
Current Classes: SHD 102, SHD 103, SHD 104
Passed Classes: None yet
Experience: 0

-Cake. She really likes cake.
-Minty things
-Oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.
-Loud music, especially if there are drums involved, whether it's rock-and-roll or African folk music.
-Victorian and Victorian-inspired dresses
-Meeting people and making friends
-Painting. She thinks she's amazing at it. She's not.
-Making people laugh

-Flying, which makes her feel sick.
-Jokes about her appearance
-Her sister Palatine
-Spicy foods
-Deserts. Hot, dry places in general.
-People who have no sense of humor

-Her mother's anger/failing to meet her mother's standards
-Being humiliated in public
-Palatine claiming the royal throne instead of her
-Being betrayed by her friends

-High intelligence
-Confident and optimistic
-Makes friends easily
-Forgives easily, with the exception of her sister.

-Very slow on land. You know, having no actual legs and all.
-Absent-minded and irresponsible
-Overconfident, unless dangerous situations are involved.
-Kind of a coward in the face of danger
-The above two things lead to her rushing into situations and then panicking and running away.

Goals: To excel in her chosen field of magic, to be strong enough to not have to keep running away in fights, and to meet her mother's expectations of Melusine replacing her on the throne.

Personality: Melusine is a friendly, cheerful and enthusiastic young lady who, despite her intelligence and potential, has a tendency to shirk her duties as a student and as a princess. She is confident in her own abilities, but this leads to recklessness, and combined with her cowardice, this makes her rather unreliable. However, she hopes to improve and eliminate her flaws, both as a student of magic and as a future leader. She is very optimistic, even when she probably shouldn't be. Although she tries to carry herself with dignity due to her royal heritage, she loves entertaining people and telling jokes, and isn't averse to playing the occasional prank. She tries to stand up for her friends, despite her cowardice, and she is very devoted to them.

History: Among the cecaelia, there is a legend that the Nereid Callianassa led a rebellion against the sea god Poseidon, and when they were defeated, Poseidon transformed the survivors into cecaelia and exiled them to the "dark waters". Of course, this legend was started by Queen Callianassa herself, and she has lived far longer than the average cecaelia could ever hope to live, so nobody knows for sure if this is true.
However, one thing is certain: Callianassa's apparent eternal youth is beginning to wear off, and one day, she will die. To ensure a successor replaces her on the throne, she has given birth to two daughters: Melusine and Palatine, named after characters in a fairy tale she heard from a human soothsayer. As Melusine is the older daughter, the inheritance of the throne will go to her, provided she can prove herself worthy. Although Melusine grew up with a relatively happy family, her younger sister Palatine despised her for her irresponsibility and absent-minded demeanor, and the feeling of hatred was mutual. Furthermore, if Melusine were to establish herself as unworthy to rule, Palatine would inherit the throne.
After a failed assassination attempt against Melusine (orchestrated by Palatine despite the fact that Palatine is only 15 years old), Queen Callianassa decided to educate Melusine about the world of humans and send her off to Otherworlde, both to protect her from her sister and to make her stronger. Callianassa convinced Melusine to take Shadowmancy classes, believing that this will make Melusine more shrewd, less overconfident and less prone to fleeing in the face of danger.

Misc. Information:
-Melusine has a small mirror that allows her to contact her mother.
-Although she has traits of cephalopods, fish, and humans, she is biologically the most similar to a fish (specifically, a tuna).
-Like an octopus, she has three hearts.
-She has no breasts. After all, she's... kind of a fish with arms.
-The font used for her handwriting is Lucida Handwriting.
-Her blood is blue. (Out-of-universe fact: I made her a princess as a stealth-pun about octopi having blue blood.)
-Her "eyebrows" are actually small, dark-colored ridges above her eyes. She has no hair.
-She might age more slowly than a normal cecaelia, but as she's only sixteen, she's not sure.
-Beings of her species typically age at the same rate as humans, with the exception of Queen Callianassa.
-In her culture, males are treated as second-class citizens and viewed as inferior. Melusine does not share this prejudice (though Palatine does), but she might accidentally say something offensive towards men once in a while.
-She uses informal human language ("awesome", etc.) a bit too... enthusiastically, in her family's opinion.
-She is bisexual.
-Probably needs a (relatively) studious and responsible roommate so she doesn't forget to do her assignments or to go to class. Does anyone want to be her roommate?

Chatroom Availability: Not very often, but I try to be there for events if I'm aware of them first.
IM Availability: Notes and comments are my primary roleplaying methods. Especially notes.
How did you find Otherworlde? I've been here for about a year. My first character was Cressida Hawthorn.

Script Sample: *giggles happily and claps her hands together once, resting her fingertips against each other* Well, I signed up like Mother wanted me to! I know I'm going to get in. This is going to be so awesome! I'm going to learn all about Shadowmancy, and make tons of friends, and find out how to-- *as she looks around at the spooky decor of the campus, she hears a growl behind her and takes off as fast as she can* Eep! What was that? A monster? Oh gosh... *looks around frantically*

Paragraph Sample: Melusine, standing in front of the Bone Dormitories, peeked into the ornate hand mirror that allowed her to contact her mother. The old cecaelia's voice boomed from the mirror, her image visible in place of Melusine's own reflection. "I expected you to contact me around this time, Melusine. I want you to know that I am proud of you, and that you will inherit my title as Queen so long as you do not fail me." The voice lowered to a whisper. "Between us, and only us, I do not wish her to be in my place any more than you do." Melusine nodded enthusiastically, a slightly silly grin on her face. "Thank you, Mother," she responded. "Though that actually isn't why I wanted to contact you... I just don't know how I'm actually supposed to find the Shadowmancy building. Is it, like, hidden or something?"
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