Starting boy's career Picture

Going for some shows this week, maybe ...
I'm trying to get in competitions, be more active and practice more an style or everything around this world

Hope you enjoy, simple sketch of our elf Kate, and her first smile because of her silly horse
so ... if you don't know here is the definition of elf: Elf is a mythical creature of Norse mythology and Celtic, who appears frequently in medieval European literature.
In this mythology elves called Alfs or Alfr, also called "light elves" - Ljosalfr. They are described as being beautiful and bright, or even semi-divine beings, magical, like the literary image of fairies or nymphs. In fact, the word "sun" in Norse was Alfrothul, ie: the Ray Elvish; said that so its rays would be fatal to elves and dwarves.
Were minor deities of nature and fertility. Elves are usually shown as youth of great beauty living in the forests, underground, sources and other natural places. Were portrayed as sentient beings, long life or immortality, with magical powers, close connection with nature and usually accompanied by great archers.
(translated from Wikipedia- I don't know if it's correct)
ok .. by the definitions from the books of Inheritance, elves can use their mind, as the dragon riders (way of communication with the dragon), and she talks every time with her horses, this is why she is always in action with her horses, by a really tight rope between her horses
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