Carnivale Design - Dragon Picture

Base (Center Left) (c) Sajiri
Design (c) Me
Created For: ElysianSkies' Contest

My submission to the second round of ElysianSkies' contest. This one was for a Carnivale outfit with the added theme of mythical creatures. This is (pretty obviously) a dragon.
I was pretty heavily influenced by Smaug, from The Hobbit.
Mask: Red Snakeskin - made to look like the snout of a dragon, which is why it doesn't have a mouth opening. But there are slits for the eyes. I think it makes it look like the dragon's glaring, which wasn't wholly intentional, but works.
Hair Piece: A black frosted metal contraption which doubles as a weight for the mask to keep it on. The top bar on the hair piece connects to the back of the top of the mask. There is a platform, so that the hair is exaggurated, and the crescent moon symbols are (as well as another throwback to mythology) more of the dragon's "armor"
Corset: Red Snakeskin, very rigid. I wanted it to be exaggurated, and so Smaug's hole became the quite large bare patch of her stomach. To add to the armor feel, I added the brass buckle to the strap.
Sleeves: Top made of the same black frosted metal that the hair piece is made out of, with red material bolted to the underside of it. The red material is spandex, with wire in the hem to give the wrists that spike. The wings attach to the metal rings at the top of the sleeves. They are made of black nylon with plastic wiring to keep the shape. At the bottom of the sleeves are sets of 3 pieces of a sheer yellow material, making little decorative tufts on the heels of the dragon.
Cape: Same yellow material as the "tufts", flowy to represent fire. Floor-length, half-circle cape, attaching to the red jewels (rubies, ideally, but plastic works fine) on the shoulders, which connect to black string tied together at the cleavage and connected from the knot to the brass buckle on the corset.
Skirt: Red spandex, liket he sleeves, full circle, floor-length. Attached at the hips of the corset in the front, and joining at the high point of the hips around the back, to provide an angular accent.
Boots: Knee-height with flared top. Black snakeskin-leather, pointed at the toes, with brass frame at the top, supported by rigid metal wiring throughout the body of the boot.

I seem to maintain my usual influences, getting inspiration from all over the place at various points, including Good Omens, The Hobbit (obviously), Labyrinth, and even Princess Tutu.

A general note on the overall appearance of the costume: The generally angular contour of the dress, make the costume more aggressive, and perhaps even dangerous, which are usually the ideas associated with the mythical character of Smaug. the red color of the dress goes beyond being Smaug's original color, as it denotes both passion and confidence in the wearer. The interaction between the clothes and the body, I think will make a bold (slightly sexual) statement because it is form-hugging and quite revealing, and the tighter parts will provide an interesting contrast with the more fluid parts of the costume. these bring to mind both the fire of the dragon and its mystical and intangible nature, despite its immense size and strength.

in an additional and unrelated note: I managed to unintentionally make my model identical to a character of mine - Soren. So we'll just pretend she's going to a costume party.
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