Ogham Family Sigil - Sample Picture

Okay, so, I think I could've done better on this, but getting the right effects was less than a cakewalk, so to speak.

This is essentially an "Ogham Sigil". Ogham is a writing system used by the Gaelic Celts of Ireland and Scotland, and speculatively the Picts as well, during the Iron Age, and possibly late Bronze Age. It was typically carved into rocks, rather than carved into wood, or written on paper. Although with the arrival of St. Patrick, who brought the gift of writing to the Gaels and Picts, they soon began to write it on paper. Ogham is not like other writing systems, as it is not an "alphabet" which pertains only to one language. It is a "cipher" of sorts, which can and has been used with a number of languages, including Ancient Irish, Old Irish, Middle Irish, Irish, Gaelic, Pictish (speculative), Ancient Norse, Old Norse, and even Latin.

Ogham consists originally of four groups of marks along a "stem line". The groups are called "aicme". They contain series of marks showing 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines. One group shows the lines on top of the stem, one shows them on the bottom, another shows them striking through the stem, and the fourth shows large diagonal lines striking through the stem-line. Later, a fifth group of more elaborate and exotic marks was added to adapt with evolving linguistics. This fifth group was called the "forfeda".

The names of the individual glyphs in the Ogham is based on the Ancient Irish names of various sacred trees, plants and types of wood.

The Druids were said to create magical sigils by using wood that they believed to hold magical properties, and carve into them "sigils" (like the one here) that they believed to invoke various boons and banes upon the possessor or wearer, or the object of which it was placed upon. The boons and banes were invoked by the combination of the meanings and mythologies of each character inscribed within the same sigil.

Here, I've made a similar idea. I recently learned that the Gaels - especially the Druids - also devised their own "zodiac system" unique from other zodiac systems. This system contains 13 signs, each with the name of an Ogham glyph (there are 20 individual Ogham glyphs, or 25 including the later-created forfeda). In "Celtic Astrology", one would not simply have an "Ogham glyph" as their sign, and personality traits to go with it, but also a spirit animal (sometimes just an animal, sometimes a mythological creature, and sometimes even a sacred item, such as a chalice), a planet (including the sun and moon), and even a Matron/Patron Goddess/God from Irish, Scottish or Welsh mythology.

My idea: The Gaels were very family/clan oriented people. They had a great sense of family togetherness, and familial piety and honour. Originally, their "last names" were patronyms, where a prefix "Mac" (son) or "Nic"/"Iníon" (daughter) was followed by a genitive form of their biological father's first name. The Scottish Gaels also later used woven patterns of coloured threads in their clothes, called "tartans", to identify their clan or family. So I've decided to combine the idea of Celtic Astrology, with the idea of Ogham Sigils, and the idea of "family symbolism", to create "Ogham Family Sigils".

With my Ogham Family Sigils, it starts at the bottom traditionally starts with the "opening feather" mark, followed immediately by the astrological Ogham glyph of the Patriarch of the family, followed immediately by the Matriarch of the family, then followed by their children in order of eldest to youngest, as well as gender - male first, female second, unless a male is younger than a female.

This sigil identifies my own family. Yes, my father's glyph is shown as the Patriarch, but only for demonstration purposes. I am not close with my father, nor do I live with him or see him. And I have no real love for him. But that's besides the point;

Shown here, from the bottom up (after the opening feather):

My father-
Letter: L
Tree/Plant: The Rowan Tree
Animal/Creature/Symbol: The Dragon
Planet: Uranus
Deity: Brigid

My mum:
Letter: U, Y, H
Tree/Plant: The Hawthorn Tree
Animal/Creature/Symbol: The Chalice
Planet: Vulcan (no, not from Star Trek. But no, it's not real. But people a long time ago used to believe there was a planet, which they called "Vulcan", between the Sun and Mercury on its own orbit. It's long since been disproved).
Deity: Olwin

Letter: T
Tree/Plant: The Holly Tree
Animal/Creature/Symol: The Lion
Planet: Earth
Deity: Govannon

My brother: (Same as my mum)

If you would like me to create a family sigil picture for you and your family, let me know. I'll gladly do them for free, but tips of points in any amount are loved and appreciated.

Also, always remember to take anything astrology related with a grain of salt.
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