MMD Prophecy Model Pack Picture

a pack of characters from the "nethera Project"
A project im working on where ill be creating a world called the Nethera realm, Im working on the locations and the characters whilst also building up a timeline, Ill be asking people for help soon. but now onto the models

These are some of the people from the Old Kingdom era

Age- 350 years but looks in the 20's

Bio- The current master of the Nethera realm, he is a cruel tyrant ruler and enjoys nothing more then taking advantage of people, But he DOES have feelings and if people obey him, he wont do anything bad to them.
he is currently training Prince Blink Akita to be the next Lord.

prince Akita
Age - 17

the next inline to be master of the Nethera realm
he unfortunately has a split personality disorder where one half of him is as good as can be, and the other is as bad a can be. he is currently unaware of the true events taking place.
and his friends think Posidon is just stringing him along in some big master plan, though posidon honestly cares about akita, the others refuse to believe it.

age - 17

the youngest daughter of the Hino family, which, After the the ruleing family is the second most nobel house. arianna has deep feelings for blink but as events move on they are seperated when blink is trapped in the nethera realm and Arianna in the Human realm.

Saphir, Raiden and yami

Ages - Unknown

saphir , raiden and yami and 3 of the elite knight that guard and work the the masters of the nethera realm .

Saphir and yami and fully devoted to the master and his children while Raiden's loyalty and motives and still unknown.

thalassa- Blinks Twin sister

Akasaka- Blinks Best friend and also personal guardian.
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