MLP OC-Melon Sweet Picture

I wanted to re draw her a little,there were some things that I thought to my self that I didn't want about her. She is still the same old Melon Sweet. Even as an Equestria Girl,she is still the same old same.

Name: Melon Sweet

Gender: Female

Race: Unicorn

Age: 15

Personality: Caring

Cutie Mark: Literature

Class: Part time librarian

Mother: Peach Sweet

Father: Pear Sweet

Male Counter Part: Spice Bitter (thinks of him as a brother)

Home: Canterlot (moves to Ponyville)

Likes: Reading mythology books,Writing Horror/Fantasy stories

Quote: "The world in my inspiration"

Melon Sweet is a caring pony who loves to write stories and read mythology books. Despite her name and personalty she actually likes to write horror stories. Melon's family runs a library/book store,some of the books are her family's best sellers. She mostly spends her time in her favorite place where a water fall lies and thinks of new things to write. The necklace she wears is her grandmothers,she gained the love of writing and reading from her father. Everyday is a normal life,but she can have a few moments here and there. Mostly writers block. Even if she is blind,Melon still manages to write. The magic she uses ads her.
Her human counterpart is a little bit different. Her family only owns a book store,not a library. She still contains the same personalty,caring and having a love for horror stories. People see her as a total "knock out",Melon finds that a little irritating. Never the less,she enjoys having fun. Melon spends most of the time in the High School library,reading mostly mythology books. Melon has the highest grades in her class,so that makes her the tutor towards other students. Her mark is located behind her lower back of her top. This counterpart blindness doesn't bother her,but others believe that she is not capable of taking care of herself. Her parents on the other hand,believe she is capable of taking care of herself. (The parents are alive in the human world)
Melon's blindness wasn't caused by any source of infection. She just had poor eye sight,it first started out all blurry and then it lead to darkness. Melon's eyes started turning more and more gray,until her eye color was blurred out. They use to be hot pink,until she turned completely blind at the age of ten. Melon's parents thought that it was time for her to stop the thing that she loved most,but when they saw that she was capable of still of writing even when blind. They allowed her to continue thing that she loved most,writing stories.
When she met Spice,they felt really close to each other (as siblings). The two of them talked about their favorite mythology stories and horror stories. Their parents had the same name but different last names,yet they had different jobs. Spice's parents owning a library and Melon's parents a book store. The two of them very knowledgeable,but yet try to out do the other. They even try to correct each other. The two understand each other because of their blindness,which makes them the perfect siblings.

Melon Sweet-
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