Beach Soccer Project: Team 7: Tokyo Sirens Picture

Finally at last I'm proud to present the (for now) last team for my upcoming Beach Soccer Project.

After 6 teams filled with Anime and Videogame girls, the Tokyo Sirens are a much different team in comparison to the others.
This team, consisting of 14 girls, does neither have anime girls nor videogame girls and not even cartoon ones.
The team members are all REAL girls.
Mixing up some of my favorite japanese singers (and a guitarist) this team was meant to be a surprise addition, which I hope will be well liked.
Most of those girls may be unknown to the majority of you guys and girls, since most of them are either solo artists or members of various japanese metal bands, yet they are my favs and hopefully you'll get to know and like them and their music.

Here's the full roster (this time with the bands the girls are from added after their names) :

1. Aya Hirano
2. Aya Kamiki
3. Kana Hanazawa
4. Kanon Wakeshima
5. Maiko (Dazzle Vision)
6. Marina (Destrose)
7. Mayu (Cinq Element)
8. Miko (Exist Trace)
9. Natsuko Asou
10. Reina Tanaka (Ex-Morning Musume)
11. Re:no (Aldious)
12. Rina Suzuki (Scandal)
13. Saki (Cyntia)
14. Yui (Yousei Teikoku) (c) 1

Since this is a team of real girls, I've prepared pics of each of them with a bit info added.
You can find those pics on my, following this link here:

Explanation for the Jersey Number and Team name:
Being As I have no idea where all the team members are hailing from, but Tokyo being the capital and probably a place where most of the girls reside, I've chosen Tokyo.
As for Sirens: That hails from the Sirens of the old greek mythology. Sirens were said to beautiful women that lured in sailors with their beautiful singing, thus making it fit a team of beautiful singers.
Being probably the oldest out of all the girls named (even though i have no idea about her actual age), Yui was made the captain for a different reason.
She is the main vocalist for the metal band Yousei Teikoku, which translated to english means 'The Fairy Kingdom' or as the band have an affection with Germany 'Das Feenreich'.
Her stage name Fairy Yui derives from the fact that she 'plays' the leader of the Fairy Kingdom, thus making her the perfect leader for the team.
And what better jersey for a leader is there than the number 1.

As always, please let me know what you think about the design and the roster^^
Also, for this team, please let me know how you liked the pictures and info I've added.
It took me quite a lot of effort to get all the pics and info on the girls together and i've worked hard on it, so a bit of a feedback on that would be nice and appreciated.

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