What's a germany? Picture

Sooooo the other day I found my old notebook in which I kept my daily journal prompts from a class in 9th grade. It was a fun composition class and on occasionally I drew comics instead of writing regular stories for the warmup entry. Most of said comics were only one-page gags, but this one spanned a couple pages. Never actually finished it, of course, but y'know.

The characters were from this reeeeeeeeeally old story idea of mine that le young me called "The Wolf of Berlin" (check out the top left corner of this ol' thing). It was basically about a powerful old magic wolf named Malaya who visits a poor town of cats called Berlin (though not related to the German city from which the name was taken), but is shunned and mistrusted by most of the population because she's a canine. The only one to trust her is young protagonist Bryn (third from the left). Malaya helps Bryn discover his destiny, Bryn proves that Malaya is good, blah blah, etc. At least, that was the earliest version of the story.

This comic really had nothing to do with that plot, though; it was just a silly little thing taking place in the same world with most of the main characters. Alice, a normal human girl, is suddenly, magically, with no real reason, purpose, or explanation, is transported into the world of the story (and therefor, turned into a cat) and has to adapt to it. She meets Bryn and friends. That's about it. Alice is not part of the actual story, however. She's just a random insert for the sake of the comic. Like a crappy OC fan-insert into my own story. ^^"

From left to right we have "revamped" versions of Alice, Bryn's BFF Niko, Bryn himself, and his relatives: mother "Noma", baby sister "Callie", and big brother "Burmah". Around the picture in lined art lies some panels from the comic drawn in Freshman Comp in 2011.

In case you're wondering about the title...Alice, being from our world, recognizes the name "Berlin" as a place from Germany when Niko mentions it to her in the comic. Niko, however, being from an alternate dimension, has never heard of the place and asks, "what's a germany?", a line that became a running gag between me and a few friends for a while.

On a side note, finding this old comic and redrawing some of the characters has inspired me to add new ideas to this story for the first time in years. I've come up with a more fleshed out version of the mythology and whatnot of this particular world which directly relates to the storyline, which is very closely tied into said mythology (not so much in the very first version, but a lot in more recent editions). I'll be posting a pic about it sometime soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

(c) me.

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