Shattered Planes Character Lineup Chibis Picture

Even though they're small and tiny.. These took a while to make... But after I did the first few for a meme I just HAD to do the rest of my characters. So anyway...

Oh joy, I get to finally explain all my characters (well current ones) in SP now huh? ...I will bet NONE of you will read this, but oh well. For those that will, sit back and I will explain the list.. well a little bit about them, as I don't want to spoil EVERYTHING in case I ever make character profiles.

I tried to give SOME order to them.

In the left hand corner we have the Tyris's, and though they may all be named Tyris, they are not ALL related completely. What do I mean? Welll....

1. Hikaru Tyris: My main character, first made, and longest played. She is TECHNICALLY thousands of years old, yet in truth only 5, and yet appears in her 20s. How is this? Her race, she is 1/2 Anarchaic, 1/4 Phoenix Sage, 1/4 Dragon Sage and though that sounds VERY godmod mary-sue-ish it was not all my doing as I had her Phoenix Sage, then the others who are her brothers had them Dragon Sages and then we all decided to have them siblings, and their Grandfather was the Embodiment of Chaos, Anarchy himself, thus the 1/4th Anarchaic. ... I will explain more if I ever do a profile of her, for now if you want more just ask e.

Anyways, the way she is that old, is because Phoenix Sages have a form of reincarnation that they reincarnate to the age of 5 or a young age when killed mortally. (aka without their soul or not by magic.) Once they reincarnate, they reset the aging clock so-to-say, basically if they were say... 1,000 years old, and then they reincarnated to 5, 5 is their true age while 1000 is their actual age. Because of magic and being a sage however, they can appear how old they wish.

Kurai Tyris: NEGI to Hikaru Tyris, which means in a way her 'bad side', oh make no mistake, Hikaru is still evil and has negative emotion. It's just that the more a sage uses magic untrained or highly dangerous, they more demoic their negative magic becomes eventually it manifests into sentience and a being of pure negative energy, feelings, and sin is created. There's other ways, but yeaaaah..

Kurai is pure sin. This does not mean your basic 7 deadly sins, but the true meaning of the word in biblical, real world, mythological, every meaning the term can have. Such is the reason she is naked with feathers cleverly done in some places. If you wanted to describe Kurai? Just ask herself, she'll tell you she is... " sociopathic masochist sadist that's a psychotically insane slut. She will kill anything, rape anything, and torture whatever is left just for her own amusement and pleasure. " Don't get on the bad side of her
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