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"I am you, you are me." (Persona 4) "You are not me, but a part of me." (Another Story).

These two characters are the only ones I seen to relate to the most. Though I based them off of me, throughout the stories and artwork, they seem to take on a life of their own.

Bottom Left: Mayu Hinamori - She's the main heroine of my ongoing story called "Lazy Days." Age 14 in the beginning. She's a human Chimera (no relations to FMA- Full Metal Alchemist). She lives with her older brother, Ichirou, whom she looks up to a lot. In the beginning she's wild, playful and a but of a tomboy but she's aged out of it. Mayu is capable of handling her own but she always has self doubt, and is held back by her fear of losing control of her powers. Her trademark is the blue vest, blue eyes and a black tail with a white tip at the end. I made her up when I was a kid when I used to write fanfiction. And I wont lie, she was a total Mary Sue when I first started writing. I often use her as my persona for many accounts hence my DA name, Mayu7Hinamori94, and my Youtube account: Mayu Hinamori. But she's starting to have less similarities towards me, and more of her own (which is a good thing) as I develop her in her own original story.

Like me, she has a Napoleon Complex. In other words, she hates being called "short." She thinks she's close to average height. She likes the color blue, cats are her favorite animals and she like sci-fi and mythology. Unlike me, if confront with danger, Mayu will face it. She speaks her mind most of the time and isn't afraid of it. Because of her animal instinct, she tends to charge at her opponent head on before stopping to analyze the situation first.

Top Right: Author- The Main Heroine to "Another Story" (yes, that's its name). She's 16-17 at the start. She is an Mage that can control reality, but her skills are anything but professional. Author has the "if I can think it, I can do it," type of behavior. She thinks of others before herself (depending on the situation). Like all teenage girls, she has moments where she questions her own morals, her way of thinking and even her own identity. She tries to think her problems through and solves it even if she might be wrong. And, she is the type of person who, if you give her a puzzle to solve she will sit down and not leave her seat until the pieces are all in their rightful place. Her trademark is often she short or long brown hair, and turquoise outfit. Here's an example: <da:thumb id="479504455"> Sometimes, she wears glasses, like so, <da:thumb id="429780001">She is a recent persona I developed and the one I can relate to the most, because she and I have the same similarities, but we take on different actions, or have different views (somewhat). I know what you're gonna say, "Oh, she's based off of you so she's gonna be just like you," but when I write her in my stories, she doesn't feel like me. She doesn't act like me in the stories from my perspective.

Like me, Author is the only one who comes close to what I look like. Dark skin, brown eyes and brown hair down to the glasses and the arachnophobia. And she likes to write. Unlike me, Author has learn how to be extremely patient and studies any situation, due to her training as mage. She's an observer, and tries to use the environment to her advantage. She's quick and agile during most parts and tries not to let her fear get the better of her.

Line Art done by me
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