Oh dear god there's four of them Picture

I have a OC-making problem. I love making them. Then after that they just fade but I'm always too attached to let them go.

I made names and shits for these guys so let's be havin' them.
They all have chumhandles so I can attempt RP's.

Lusus: i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i…
Pesterchum: lugubriousMatrix
Title: Sylph of Blood
Weapon: Chain-sword/Sword-Chain (Kind of like a chain-whip but with a lot of little blades on.)
She has a passion for storing data both digitally and manually and in order, mess and disorder is a huge no-no for her and a sure way to getting a smack. She has a big interest in dark mythology especially the shady rumors of monstrosities called "Horrorterrors". She comes off as sullen and dull to everyone she meets. She like foods high in sugar and salt due to her Lusus being parasitic and attached to her spine, her lusus can force three tentacles out of Lythar's mouth.

Lusus: i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i…
Pesterchum: hushedTree
Title: Heir of Life
Weapon: Undecided
Boy is Othaal a sissy. He's as gentle as his sloth-lusus and pretty cowardly too. Othaal much prefers to stay at home pursuing his main interest - Botany and Herbology, basically anything to do with plants this guy will love it. Othaal always fears himself to be a useless and worthless seadweller because he is so lame at violence and fighting.

Lusus: i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i…
Pesterchum: mettleRestlessness
Title: Knight of Hope
Weapon: Flail
Thraku is a bit of a over-the-top showoff, he wants to be recognized as more than just a mid-blood and gets his cocky little ass into a few too many fights making his Lusus very grumpy and constantly dragging him away. Despite his cocky outgoing nature he is easily spooked, you could just clap in a vaguely quiet room and he'd leap out his skin.

Lusus: i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i…
Pesterchum: fantasticStatic
Title: Rogue of Time
Weapon: A staff
Kalila is energetic and optimistic and loves hopping around everywhere. She is super-into sporty activities and the like, while at home she practices her psionics and has resigned herself to a future of being placed in an imperial ship until death, but that won't dampen her spirits now, oh-no she wants to enjoy what she can and actually hopes to pilot the fastest ship known such a shame her psionics are so... generic she doesn't stand out from any others in that field then again it's why she trains.
She damaged her eye in a accident with a pogo stick, but if you ask her she'll claim she got it in a fight.

So yeah... against better judgment I went and made these four little shits.

Characters (C) Me
Homestuck (C) Hussie
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