Lacrymosa Human Design (Updated Information) Picture

General Human Information

Name: Lacrymosa (given name abandoned)

Age: Around 20 years

Gender: Female

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair color: Maroon

Eye color: Red

Personality: Cold and distant, tends to hold short, stiff conversations. She is an introvert. She handles loss and sorrow extremely well, but cannot completely block it out at times.

Other: She believes that her growth was stunted because she was bitten at such a young age.


General Werefuu! Information

Beast Brand: None

Werefuu! Type: Candy

Rarity: Uncommon

Trigger: Sadness

Werefuu! Reference:

Behavior: Usually strays away from people, she tries to stick to shrines and isolated forests. She loves the snow as well as autumn when the leaves fall like rain.



Lacrymosa grew up in a fairly normal home, and spent most of her time outdoors exploring on her own. Her father was not often around, and overworked himself constantly. She often had strange influences from her aunt, who was crazy about myths and legends, believing a lot of them to be true. Because of this, Lacrymosa was always hunting for mythological creatures in the forest.

She was bitten on one of her solo forest exploration missions when she was 9 years old. An inexperienced Werefuu mistook her for small prey when she had hidden in a bush to observe the creature. The Werefuu bit before it looked, and immediately felt guilty about it. At first Lacrymosa seemed like she would not make it, but her sire took care of her and took responsibility for his actions, vowing to teach her as much as he knew about being a Werefuu.

After a month of recovery and learning about her curse, Lacrymosa felt homesick and returned home despite her sire’s warnings.

When she returned, her mother and aunt were overjoyed at her return, but also had some bad news for her. Lacrymosa’s parents were getting divorced, which gave Mosa much grief and sadness, triggering her to change. Since she still lacked control, in a blur of emotion, Mosa killed both her mom and her aunt. Her sire managed to calm her down and take her away from her home to continue to teach her, and help her recover from her incredible loss.

After 3 years of learning with her sire Lacrymosa set off on her own, continuing to practice control over her Werefuu form, and control over her emotions. She traveled for many years before finding a few places to migrate to and fro from.

Although Lacrymosa regrets what she did to her family, she had to learn not to be sorrowful because of it in order to stay in control of herself.

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