DR - Jaron Hudgins Picture

Name: Jaron Hudgins
Age: : 13
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 120 lbs
Race: Demigod
Sex: Male

God-parent: Hephaestus
Mortal Parent: Erika Hudgins – A short, wiry, socially awkward software engineer.

Powers (Level 2):

Power 1: GoGo Gadget
*Assembly- Jaron can take apart and reassemble anything made of metal or vaguely electronic. He doesn’t have to see it in its completed form first; he can take something as simple as a metal puzzle or as complicated as a jumble of wires and circuitry and put it together in whatever it was intended to be.

*Computers- *Computers- In short, Jaron now innately understands computer systems. Rather than simply being able to recreate something someone else has designed, he can design and build the inner workings of a simple to moderately complex device himself.

Weapon (if you have one): : n/a
-Mist form: n/a

Jaron is young and awkward. He has lived a sheltered life, and it shows in the way he acts and talks. He picks out role models quickly, and is loyal to them. He doesn’t mind having a conversation, and can start rattling off if the subject turns to something he loves, but he is deeply insecure about himself and will clam up if complimented, or if too much emphasis is placed on him.

Flaw: Jaron lacks confidence in many areas, and is often one of the last people to act in a sticky situation, following the lead of whatever everyone else is doing, be it good or bad. He is scared to death of the idea of fighting, and will try to avoid it if at all possible.
He is also very food-motivated. It’s a big downfall. Bribe him with a box of Turkish Delight and he’s yours.

Jaron’s mother is a socially awkward, yet brilliant, software engineer. Hephaestus watched her, sympathizing with her loner status and wooed by her brains. He finally appeared to her one night as she was leaving her office, and she ended up bringing him home for the night.

Jaron was born in Oregon, but the little family of two moved to Idaho when he was still in diapers so his mother could work at Micron. His mother poured all of her loneliness-fueled energies into her son, doting on him as much as a single mother could.

He showed an aptness for computers at a young age, and, eager to share her world with her son, his mother taught him as much as she could. She was always honest about who his father was; he grew up learning about Greek mythology as well. Though he secretly wishes his father was a “cooler” god, he’s pretty content with who he is.

Other Info:
*He has a lazy eye. He is extremely self-conscious about it.
*He wants to be a spy when he grows up. Or an inventor.
*He loves metal puzzles, and has a collection of them. He always has one or two in his pockets, and fiddles with them when bored or stressed.
*He is brilliant with computer stuff. This is partially natural and partially his mother’s instruction. He also really enjoys playing video games.
*He's allergic to pet fur. Cats are the worst, but he gets all puffy and congested around other animals as well. This includes satyrs. 8'D

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