Favorite Video Game Characters Picture

Some opinions change over time I suppose. And it has been awhile since I uploaded ANYTHING! So, here's a new Meme for all of you happy people! One per franchise as usual!

Favorite Male Character: Beat (Jet Set Radio/Future)
Again. Look at my icon and tell me you thought otherwise!

Favorite Female Character: Amaterasu (Okami)
Yes, Amaterasu is a girl. She was meant to be female in Japanese Mythology as the goddess of the sun.

Favorite Hero: NiGHTS (Into Dreams/Journey of Dreams)
I don't think I need to explain it at this point.

Favorite Villain: Shadow Link (Legend of Zelda)
Yes, my original favorite was GLaDOS, but thinking furthar into it, I just felt that Shadow Link was a much more interesting villain. Atleast when he isn't following Ganon anymore and becomes his own villain.

Cutest Character: Taokaka (BlazBlue)
I love cats! I own two of them and I've taken care of a LOT of them! Taokaka may not fully be a cat, but her lovable personality is so much like one that it's downright adorable. Also LOOK AT THAT FACE!!! DAWW DAT FACE!!! Also, I love the "Boobie Lady" nickname she gives Litchi! It's so hilarious!

Most Underappreciated Character: Duster (Mother 3)
Who is the first character that comes to mind when an underrated game like Mother 3 is mentioned? Lucas? Yes. The Masked Man? Yes. Porky? Yes. The Ultimate Chimera? Ugh... Yes.... I will tell you who isn't though. It's the master thief Duster! The guy is just plain cool! It's too bad he barely has any place in people's minds when Mother 3 is mentioned. Oh well. BRING MOTHER 3 TO AMERICA, NINTENDO!!!

Favorite Mysterious Character: Akuma/Gouki (Street Fighter) The Master of the Fist! This enigmatic man is a force of nature! A true master of Karate! But you're probably wondering why he would be so mysterious? Well, he's not exactly evil. But he is definitely not a good guy either. Anti-Heroes tend to always leave you guessing whether the character is good or bad.

Favorite Monster: The Zombies (Dead Rising)
I used to be afraid of Zombies. But now, I fear none! I am ready to kill them and show them who's boss! Frank West can plow through them like they are nothing! Atleast at my level! And they are actually still fun to kill in so many different ways! And now, MY CHILDHOOD IS AVENGED!!! (Sees a Zombie) Oh crap! (Does the Face Smash move) *SPLAT*!!! TAKE THAT!!! Okay. NOW MY CHILDHOOD IS AVENGED!!!

Quick Meme is Quick! Okay. NOW to get back to my story.

I am the Soulwind Skater, and I recommend you to go see Captain America The First Avenger in 3D! It was AMAZING!!!
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