Sketch Dump 5 Picture

I for some reason have a lot to say about this piece. Skip for the TL;DR


Okay this is a sketch dump compilation of poses and elements I wanted to try sketching. Sometimes I look at art by others I admire and think "Ooooo that's cool/pretty/interesting, I want to try that" and reviewing my old sketch books the places I see myself making the most significant leaps are when I do either studies (like the motorcycle study I did a little while agolinked below) or a gigantic mashup of art, designs, or poses that I really liked and wanted to learn. Now, don't expect to see an instant jump in my style - remember I said that when I do these I saw the most significant leaps of improvements. It's like going from guesstimating how to sail a boat just from reading to being thrown in a 1 person boat, going sideways and then laying down the muscle memory for the actual act. It builds up. For me, the poses tried above were mostly ones I thought, "bah, that's too dynamic I could never imagine that on my own." Well, it helps that I have a good understanding of the anatomy behind the poses and while I didn't imagine every one on my own I've at least started to get a grasp on how to bending my perspective to create these in material the way I see them in my head. I also want to stress to you to always always study the anatomy. Even cartoonists do it. Believe it or not it helps improve your cartoony style.

Believe it!

So while I understand the basic structure of a standing deer or a walking horse or a sitting bunny, it's a little funny, wrapping my head about their twists, contortions, stretches, and startled leaps. Breaking down the forms like this in a simplified way at least gets me started. If I wanted to, I could under sketch the ribs, spinal column, skull, joints, bones, major muscle connections - but to me fabricating the movements of ballroom dancing is different than fabricating hip hop dancing. While if you have a basic understanding of movement and flow, the particulars of a style can present a challenge.

No not everything works this way for me. Just some of these in particular.

You may also notice that a lot of the poses are inspired by non-nobis-domine's comic. I plan to do a feature for her in a journal soon but I want to take a moment to highly, highly recommend that you go check out her comic, "Heil!" which is so full of twists and turns, references, mythology, and dynamic philosophical theories that it draws you in to its world and from the instant you pick it up you thirst for more. Forget the aesthetic of it - the forms are tools used to execute themes that will make you question the assumptions and categories of your very real world. Go read it. If you forget, don't worry, I'll be fawning all over it again later.


omg. they're just practice sketches to references. why do I even have this many words????? Summary:

Enjoy my practice sketches to break my own ice for dynamics; go check out
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