Found a Magic Baby Warthog! Picture

Another doodle.

This one is to showcase a particular collectible hobby, should / once I ever make a game out of this story.

In this world, there exist a docile but very rare species called Magic Baby Warthogs. Many people consider them to be a pot of gold made flesh, as their is a fabled rumour that if you catch one, you'll get one wish.
But of course, it isn't as easy as it sounds.

Like I said, Magic Baby Warthogs are rare and shy, and will run away immediately at the sight of a captor. And though they grant a wish if you catch one, it is believed that that wish works in a 50% chance. The rumour is only made because of a story of a lone knight that happened to stumble across one, and successfully catch it. He made a wish, and it was granted successfully.
He was so overjoyed by this, that he went to explore the lands for more Warthogs. But when he finally did manage to catch another one and made his next wish, nothing happened. It was a strenuous effort too, so he gave up on the hunt, and went home to bask in the results of his first wish.

Because of this, knights and kings don't tend to resort to using them, unless of a really dire emergency, in which they would have to place their hope on them.

That and especially because of another fact. According to rumour, a fisherman happened to find another Magic Baby Warthog chewing on grass after he finished his daily catch, and caught it with his net. But when he held it in his hands, he got pricked by the thorns that surrounded the warthog's body, and magically turned to stone. Thankfully, there are remedies for petrification in this world, but they have been known to be very costly.

When Artie and his friends are on their adventure, I intend to have Magic Baby Warthogs in the levels as a secret collectible, where, if they catch one, their health will increase (because of Artie's wish to become a stronger person). See, because of the thorns around their bodies, and because Artie has armour, only he can hold them without being petrificated. It wouldn't work for Val or Frido if they touch one.

This whole thing was made because of an actual mythology about King Arthur, and that he was known to slay Magic Boars. Since my character Artie is loosely based off of King Arthur, I though it would be ideal to do something similar.

Lastly, many people wonder what an Adult Magic Warthog would look like. No one has ever seen one. But it is believed that they are very dangerous if someone messes with the Babies. This is due to a rumour that someone once caught a Magic Baby Warthog, and tried to eat it. However, he was never seen again. A roar was heard nearby where he caught the Baby, so it is believed that out of defence for the Baby, the Adult appeared and killed him.

*gasp* *deep breath*
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