The Great Hellfire Hydra Picture

The FIRST CONTEST ENTRY EVAR MADE BY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!! OK..... Ok.... ok... so here is the rundown:
1. it is based off a planar theme..... ITS FREAKIN' NAME..... it gives away that it is a fire based creature
2. Is large... SEE BLACK STICK FIGURE IN RIGHT LOWER CORNER (it fits 14 from toe to tip of wing..... it is, actually, RIDICULOUSLY TALL.
3. Dude... question: How do i copy from a 3D game if i am using a 2D pic? it is OBVIOUSLY all my own.... and original to me.... discounting the hydra in mythology..... but then again, it is nothing like that hydra other than that it is a reptile with 7 heads that grow back 2 more for each one gone because as far as i reckon, no hydra has wings, or multiple eyes on each side of some heads, or breathes fire, or has horns all over, or velociraptor-like claws large enough to pierce a hole in the twin towers bigger than the one there was when the plane crashed into it, or...... well, you get the idea....
4. Is a JPG as far as my desktop and the image editor tell. It is a scanned drawing enhanced to remove mistakes and eraser marks, and then colored... or was it the other way around? well, THAT does not matter i guess
5. Drawn= meaning:
*NO textures, and
*NO 3rd party/person stock.... unless you count my Brain's.... which is still all mine.... so shut up trolls and 2 camels in a tiny car

Basically, IT DOES FIT ALL QUALIFICATIONS... now i have graded myself for a possible outcome. It should be from what the judge in my mind says=

Originality= Though it was taken from mythology, it was brain-farted up by the artist, the name was utterly unique, and the flames, bony burning wings, burning spike on the tail that branches off onto the body as a crest for the main head, the whole multi-eye feature thing...., the velociraptor claws so-large-bulky-and-sharp-that-they-could-give-chuck-norris-a-papercut, and let us not forget the bizzare patterns and horn arrangement. overall= fairly good
Creative Expression of the Contest Challenge= he took the contest and perfectly expressed what was needed, and combined it with what he wanted, and added that to epicness. he expressed fire by making the creature nearly MADE of it by making the wing flesh, spinal crest, and the body even had the colors of a fire, doing this in his own spontaneous sort of style. quite creatively expressed if i say so
Overall Impact of the Work= it has a vibrant color, a cool look, and it takes into account what all multi player RPG's need: badass fire breathing dragon/ dragon-like beasts... no exceptions. i consider this one a quite close to perfect score
Technical Skill= he began by taking time off his busy schedule to pencil draw it, then with summer break having arrived he placed this idea on his scanner and spent quite a bit of time getting the colors on there and blending nicely.... and hey, if you were to draw this, i bet it would not take you any time at all...... before you realize you can't do it perfectly executed as he did and give up.... a average score

OVERALL= in between a near perfect-fairly good quality. DEFINITELY not average but not exactly the most epic work ever to exist.

Thnkx mental judge. Now there is no promise my estimates are correct, and i am NOT forcing, just making a guess.... and besides.... most of the other entries are not as epic.... and not to insult. Then again this is almost unfair..... as other than chuck norrris or weegee, WHAT IS MORE EPIC THAN A HYDRA?!?!? THAT BREATHES AND IS MADE UP OF PARTIALLY FIRE?!?! nothing......... wai..... nope, cannot think of anythin'. Wish me luck and here is hoping......

For Glory,
For Honor,
For Love,

Brought To You By:
Zachary T. Johnson
a.k.a Destroyer Of The North
a.k.a DestroyerOfTheNorth
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