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here's my proxy of slenderman
Real Name: Camilla Lanne
Age: 28 years old
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: London, England
Species: Human until she's 36
Personality: Harsh, happy sometimes, sometimes serious, Mischievous, Most Of The Time Independent, Loyal Sometimes, Dutiful, and Reliable Sometimes
Affiliation: None
Relationship: Single....
Date Of Birth: January 6, 1986
Weight: 134 Lbs
Height: 6' 8"
Eye Color: All Black As Seen (Only Contacts, Her Real Eye Color Is Sapphire ^^)
Skin Color: Dusty, Tan
Hair Color: Dark Brown

Powers/Abilities: flexibility,sixth sense, master of disguise, extraordinary speed (but needs a little practice on handling it), extraordinary memory remembering (you know when you remember everything that happens)

Weapons: her labrys axe and martial arts skills

How He kills/wounds in Combat:
- Uses her labrys axe to cut someone fatally.
-Also uses her martial arts skills (need a just a tinsy winsy practice and she's a pro).

Weaknesses: like any normal human, shot/stabbed in the head or heart (but six times), modern and Christian music (she hates it so much, got play at least 3 of them), crucifixes, holy water, and blessed items

Strengths: her martial arts skills are almost perfect with her speed, due to training she can hold heavy things such as her labrys axe, thanks to her six sense she has the will to ask for help from demons near by, immune to fire so she has her way of using it.

- when she was a child (age 10) her family was christian, but when they tried to bless her or put holy water she acts different such as tear things apart and scream
- ever since she was a teen (age 14) she used to sit in the corner in the dark whispering unreasonable things which made her family and friends frightened
- As you can see her face is stoned... well she has no emotion so her face looks like a mask itself
-her labrys axe was given to her family through generations and though her father wanted a boy he still gave the axe to her
- the horns you see on her hood are made of real bones. since she is really creative, she sculpt it herself
- has a heavy british accent since she grew up in england
-had a deformed dog named spartan. dog had two heads and an three tails. the dog wasn't in pain but was really discomforted when he was a puppy.
- was fascinated in mythology when she was 10 years old and now
- Had a child named kyle lanne (age17) but when he turned six he went missing for nine years, she soon realized he was dead
-was a nice kid until she had discovered her sixth sense
- was taught all martial arts by her grandaddy (that's what she called him) and mother (she wasn't as insane back then)

- "God never gave a damn about you or me."
- "Do you really want to test me~?"
- "My loyalty is for HIM and HIM only..."
- "I'm different from you modern people..."
- "i'll rip you to shreds like i did when i was 6 years old."
- "oh no! you know who i am, guess i have to do the only thing i can do, cut you in half~!"
- "I don't need god to make my dreams and goals come true... i have Satan and HIM..."

Theme Song- none for right now

Song That Inspired her- none yet...

story- coming soon (that's when i get alot more time but you know time goes by fast TTnTT)

fake demon
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