Thor Picture

The Asgardians and the various other mythological “gods” of Earth in this alternate Marvel Universe are Eternals, each under the leadership of a uniquely powerful Eternal known as a High Eternal . After centuries of guiding & protecting normal humanity, especially from the threat of the Deviant race who sought to dominate the Earth and eventually move on to conquering other worlds, each group of the Eternals with the exception of those under the leadership the High Eternal known as Zuras (twin brother to Zeus the leader of the Olympian Eternals as well as older brother to Alars the leader of the Titan Eternals) would go on to reside either in space or in other habitable parallel dimensions connected to the Earth dimension in order to allow their mundane cousins of humanity to develop on their own. Asgard in this alternate Marvel Universe lies at the heart of a nexus dimension called Yggdrasil that connects to several other dimensions and is itself a dimension teeming with unique primal cosmic energies.

Odin, the High Eternal leader of the Eternals who became known as the Asgardians, would establish their home of Asgard in the heart of the Yggdrasil dimension due to his being a powerful magic user skilled in various forms of ancient primal magic so that he could tap into Yggdrasil's primal cosmic energies to enhance his already formidable powers as a High Eternal. Odin has appointed himself & the Eternals under his leadership as guardians of the Yggdrasil Dimension in order to keep the malevolent races who have access to the dimension such as the Svartalfar aka the Dark Elves from the dimensional realm of Svartalfheim from exploiting the the vast mystical energies that reside in the dimension for their own ends for potential harm against the other dimensions & beyond. All of the Eternals that comprise the Asgardian Eternals all have some level of affinity for wielding mystical energy.

Thor in this alternate Marvel Universe is the son of Odin & the powerful Elder Prime Eternal known as Gaea, one of the original Earth Eternals created by the Celestials in this alternate universe, whose primal mystical linked abilities are bound to the very Earth itself and who serves as the guardian caretaker of the Earth. Gaea mentored a young Odin in the ways of mystically drawing upon the power of the Earth to boast his own innate mystical might & in turn when he became a powerful High Eternal among the Eternal race, Odin sired Thor with Gaea due to her desire to have a powerful heir that would serve as a guardian & champion of the Earth, especially against the possible return of the Celestials, should anything ever happen to her and initially viewed & trained Odin for that role. Thor for most of his early adult life was hesitant to assume guardianship of the Earth preferring to battle & protect Asgard against it's various enemies from the other dimensions but the arrival of the Celestial Fourth Host on Earth during the latter 20th century lead to Thor finally embracing his role as Earth's protector. Thor has of course gone on to embrace his role as guardian of the Earth realm & then some becoming a champion of all life for all realms & beyond. Thor spent his early youth in equal parts on Earth & Asgard, after Odin had established it, learning how to tap into his innate mystic potential which would take form in his ability the control the elements involved with storms & lightning.

Many of Thor's youthful exploits on Earth learning to master his abilities, especially those involving attempted acts of hostility from inhabitants from the other realms & from Earth's Deviant race lead to the various myths & legends that arose around Thor & the other Asgardians, especially from the old Norse culture where the original Yggdrasil dimensional anchor to Earth was located in the territories inhabited by the Norse. Thor's current modern day exploits & role as a “superhero” in this alternate Marvel Universe came about when his half brother Loki, after centuries of covertly causing all kinds of mischief & havoc for Asgard & it's allies as well as the Earth realm whenever possible , finally openly makes a play to destroy Asgard & cause havoc on the Earth realm with one of Asgard's own weapons in the form of the Destroyer, which Loki has finally been able to create a duplicate of the mystic control rune stone that is in the possession of Odin that allows for activation & control of this universe's version of the Destroyer & after years of subtlety influencing a human archeology team headed up by renowned Norse researcher & historian Dr. Donald Blake into searching for & finally uncovering the secret Earthly hiding place of the Destroyer, takes control of it in his attempt to destroy Asgard. Thor of course finds himself at the forefront of battle in stopping his half brother's attempt at destruction & chaos with his highly visible & destructive battle with the Destroyer on the Earth realm leading to the general public of Earth's populace to believe him to be a new superhuman hero making his debut onto the public scene.

In this modern age of super humans, Thor has gone on to continue to take a more active & visible role as the champion of the Earth battling both threats from the human & other realms as well as those from beyond the Earth from other galaxies, either on his own or with aid from allies of Asgard or from Earth such as his fellow members of the Avengers, brought together through the manipulations of one of Loki's attempts to destroy Thor. Thor has also gone on to befriend Donald Blake & two members of his archeology and research team, fellow research doctor/archeologist Jane Foster & young research assistant Eric Masterson, who help him in adopting a “civilian” ID in the form of “Sigurd Jarlson” in order to interact with others normally & undetected when not engaging in world saving activities.
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