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1-3: Luis Royo / Ravenskar / Warren Louw: Great artists I look up to, who have amazing skills and whom style I can relate to.
4: Cae-sar: A wonderful and ever-improving fellow artist with whom I've had the pleasure to do some collaborative work.
5: FollieDoll: My own personal bitch. My best friend for a long time, her art and interests have influenced me for sure.
6: SephirothBeatrix: I'd lie if I said I didn't have any help designing my OCs, and Sorcha was the biggest help I've had.
7: My parents: They gave me the artistic fiber, and always pushed me and encouraged me.
8: My love: Jessica's made my last year the best so far in my life, I've been happier and more in love than ever before.
9: Bleach: Yeah yeah its one of the manga world giants, but some character designs are really cool and quite original too.
10: GUNNM: I don't care what anyone says, this is the best manga out there. I could write forever about just why I think it is.
11: Dragon Ball: My biggest influence when I was younger, basically all I was drawing for some time.
12: Black Cat: A lighthearted, easy to love manga that I liked immediatly.
13: Soul Calibur: I tend to love fighting games in general, I think it's because they focus on characters. This one is a good exemple.
14: Shadow of the Colossus: The best video game ever made, period. I wish its influence would show more in my art, I think I'm just not that good yet.
15: Zelda: Not my favorite games, but they sure had their influence on my when I was younger.
16: Drakengard: To be fair, pretty bad games, but the concepts, artbooks and characters are amazing.
17: Final Fantasy: The serie as a whole is a huge influence, both good and bad I guess.
18: A Perfect Circle: Music altogether is a big influence to me, but if I had to pick a favorite band overall, that would be it.
19: Carl Sagan: A fascinating and incredibly likeable individual whom I adore listening to.
20: The Matrix: Kind of a geek thing to say nowadays, but they're still among my favorite movies ever. I'm a huge Matrix fan.
21: Les 3 Mousquetaires: My favorite novel, and a surprising source of ideas and character traits.
22: Alternative Modeling: Wether it be for outfits ideas or poses, I can't get enough of quality alternative modeling. Quality.
23: Kabbalah: Many religions and mythologies are very interesting, this one in particular has had a lot of influence on some of my ideas.
24: Cyberpunk: Like everything, it has its share of stupidity among the community, but it's still pretty cool.
25: Resonance of Fate: Game in itself is average, but the visual style struck me automatically, kinda steampunkish, I looove it.
26: Quebec: The city I moved in about 3 years ago, and I adore it. It's beautiful, and both lively and peaceful. Great place to live in.
27: Family Guy: It's been losing some of its magic, but it's still my favorite TV serie.
28: Repo! The Genetic Opera: A one of a kind movie, with great ideas and loveable twisted characters and kickass music.
29: White Red and Black: My favorite colors. :'D
30: Piano: My favorite instrument to listen to, altough violin isn't far away.
31: Cats: I swear I could have hundreds of them.
32: Ducks: Same.
33: Winter: Can change any vision in a dream like setting. And fuck summer. Fuck it up the ass. I can't stand it.
34: Theater: I used to take some classes, I miss it really. Every occasion I get to see a good show, I love it.
35: Disney: Well, who doesn't like its share of Disney?
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