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Just colored a quick sketch I did in Seashore with FireAlpaca to make this. Used multiple references, but he's based more off of a red bone coon hound and English fox hound in body/face structure, plus some lizard aspects in the elongated digits of his paws, and a green tree python for the tail.
The description will be full of different pronouns, lol, cause he can either go as "he" or "they."

Urw's most recently appeared in this deviation, but I've drawn him every once in a while over the past few years. He's a mix between a hellhound and a snake (don't ask how they "got together" -- just one of those mythological weird things). He's the sibling to my other hell hound, Halobek, who's his half sister and is twice as large, even though he's older than she is (by about half a century). His relationship with his sister(s) is a relatively good one, and they will often go for walks or hunt together. Even though she's much bigger and tougher than he, Halobek will still follow his orders since she's his "baby" sister.
Since his heads never split completely, he shares both an eye and a brain that's almost two completely different brains, save for the middle where they connect. The eyes generally go in the same direction, but sometimes, one head can control the middle eye to go whichever direction it's looking. They share an esophagus, and usually, one head eats while the other breathes--though that process can be a bit of a challenge since they sometimes like to compete for which head gets to eat. Their tongues are those of normal canids, but they have a purplish-blue-black gradient/color to them; they, like normal dogs, will eat just about anything they can fit in their mouths, but they mostly consume meat, living or dead.
Though the heads are usually pretty equal in controlling the body, able to sort out in their mind what they want to do next (they've learned to do that after many years of experience/practice), but sometimes, one head does struggle for control. In those instances, the body will either be rendered immobile or it will just wobble around with indecision; the snake isn't too much more intelligent than a regular snake, but it can sometimes lead the two dog heads if they confuse themselves. In general, however, the left head is just barely dominant enough to take over the body and make the final decisions, if they can't agree on something.
His skin is rather leathery, but becomes a bit more scaly on his underside; he has no fur. His "paws" are similar to lizard toes, as they have no pads and are rather long with claws at the end, but they're still a bit compact, more canid-like. His body/neck are longer than a regular dog's would be, more reptilian. The legs are even constructed to be similar to a lizard's, but also very canine-like.
His tail is a living being, and though it can eat, it doesn't have to since the dogs' energy fuels it. Whatever it does eat, however, goes through its body like a normal snake, but its wastes exit from the shared anus (not necessarily important information, but whatevs, the more you know). The snake holds no venom, but it can constrict and suffocate and hold, as well as bite with its many sharp teeth. Normally, the snake just stays curled up or in a relaxed position so that it almost looks like a regular tail.
On the personality side, Urw is relatively gentle and calm. Only rarely does he become angry or more than agitated, but that doesn't mean that he'll submit under a threat. He, much like a snake, will definitely defend himself if put under pressure, but he really doesn't need to since his sister will normally step in and take care of whatever's messing with him. If bothered, however, he'll just leisurely leave the problem behind instead of confronting it or running away from it.
He is very nomadic, but he'll mostly stick to tropical forests or deserts, depending on the season and where his sister would prefer to go (she likes canyons, so anywhere with them is a favorite with her). They will normally stay far from humans, but that's not so much a problem since they live in the BC era, but if they do encounter humans, Halobek's quite likely to go after such an easy meal (she's about ten feet at the shoulders), though Urw will take no part in it. During the winter (in cooler places), he will go into a hibernation-like state and stick to underground tunnels and caverns so he stays warm. Like a snake, Urw can live months without eating, if he's eaten enough food to sustain him for a while on his slow metabolism. Halobek, however, will usually stay outside during the winter and wait for her brother until he can come out again.

Um, I think that's all I'll have for him for the time being. Probably will sketch out a ref for his sister after a while. Just randomly felt like doing this for him, and since my block's been a bit iffy when it comes to art, I thought: might as well grasp the opportunity before it slips away again.

© Paige R.
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