Cockatrice Picture

Cockatrices are mythological half rooster half dragon creatures. They freak me out so much.

I don't think I really succeeded in translating their terrifyingness into art form(I don't think the stripy orange background helped much). They're one of the lesser known mythical beasts, which doesn't make them any less horrible but might with my boring artwork bias those who hadn't heard of them before. Just trust me that they're terrifying, horrible creatures that I'm glad don't exist. Don't let my bland rendition of them convince you otherwise. xD

I actually have nightmares with these things in them. A few nights ago I had one that inspired this cruddy drawing. It went something like this(though a little less dramatic and whishy-washy, I just can't help my style of writing).

I find myself in a forest, the trees gnarled and dead, the sky a sickly shade of green. The air hangs stagnant and foul-smelling in the late afternoon warmth. There is an eerie silence about the landscape--the sounds of nature you would expect to hear in a place like this are missing, leaving behind a sad and untraceable rhyme that I cannot help but conform to.

I make my way nervously into the forest, not quite sure which way to go. The trees are high and I am beginning to feel claustrophobic. I feel as if I am walking through soiled bathwater.
I am finding my movements difficult to trace, they feel slurred and quieted somewhat. As a result I am beginning to feel detached from my physical self, it is almost as if my body and spirit have split, two radically different consciences still dependent upon one another. Yet now able to see, to judge from a new and frightening perspective.

Soon my eyes notice in the distance an opening in the trees. I move eagerly towards it, longing for somewhere away from the bleak deadness of the forest, perhaps I can here rest for the night and take the time to loose myself somewhat from the painful psychological influences of this place. But as I approach I begin to experience a terrible unease, as if some part of me senses something dangerous is near. My longing to be away from the trees overpowers my instinct however, and I continue on despite the foreboding sense of disquiet in my stomach.

Bawk bawk, Rrrrrrrr..... it's a cockatrice. Runnnnnnn!

(I'm sick of writing.) xD
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