Amazona Warriors Picture

Meet the sexy and deadly warriors and one of the Peacekeeper Teams, Amazona Warriors.

This one artwork was left in hiatus when I worked too much on my hands and now I've finished this artwork last month.
This team is all about girl power. Sure it's look like feminist team but it's all about female warriors fighting against slavery, violences and abuses and raping on innocent women by the evil male barbarians. In the real world, many innocent women were abused and sexually assaulted and worse around the world. Even worse, few U.S. women were killed in California and it's getting worse for all women across the world.
I've drawn some sexy furry female barbarians because I got a vision on my head, not a dream, a vision. So that's why I've decided to draw this artwork and it has became one of my favorites.

Enjoy my artwork! Hope you like it.
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