Baldr Picture

Baldr is a god in Norse Mythology associated with light and beauty.


A while ago I started reading a little about Norse Mythology.
And I ended up with reading about Baldr.
He's supposed to be the most beautiful creature in Valhalla.
So I decided to draw him cuz it was written that he looked rather feminine, and I can't draw boys -__-'
And it was written that his hair and eyelashes was white, but I wanted to make them blue 8D

And I actually putted some time in coloring and shading this one, but the scanner didn't care about the shadows and dropped them completely <__<'
The thing I think I putted most work in was his clothes, and it was actually all purple, but again, the scanner didn't care D:

And yes, I know it's some mistakes here. Especially how the bone-things in his neck and his nose is placed.
But that's alright, cuz he's a god so he can look however he like OwO
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