Witchy Wendy:Jessie Donovan Picture

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Name:James Donovan(Gos by Jessie)
Age: May 18
Hair Color:Dirty blond
Weight: 135
Family:Mother,Father,Twin sister Paige and his new family the "Reapers"
Likes: Playing baseball,his girlfriend Aurora,making people laugh,watching the stars,riding his bike,hanging with friends,bubble gum and action movies.
Dislikes:Rude people,losing,chick flicks,heights,disrespect,pink,being late,classical music,popcorn,and rainy days.
Key Colors: Blue,white,yellow and red.
Social Status: Popular friendly jock.
Love Interest: His Girlfriend Aurora.
Backstory:James,or better yet known as Jessie,is a rather athletic and all around nice guy.Always one to keep his cool in a situation and be the more logical one of him and sister.After having too leave his old life behind he could help but feel apathetic.Not really knowing what to feel of it all.Sure he was happy that his father was now happy,but he couldn't help but feel sad that the reality of his family not being whole anymore had then really shown itself.Though even this,he can't help but feel that his so called new family is hiding a secret....
Hiding a secret that he needed to find out.
Quirks: Starts to jog in place when he's nervous or anxious,doesn't like to stay in one place.Like his sister he also snort when he hears something REALLY funny,and tends to pig out on junk food when hes upset.
Personality: Friendly,modest,reliable,silly,logical,serious,clumsy, and sweet.

Extra Info:

*His baseball uniform is yellow and red with black stripes.
* His team is called the Falcons
*He is the pitcher of his baseball team
*He likes to wear a lot of jewelry though make sure it nothing flashy.Liking to wear stuff that hand made or made out of shells or funky material.
*Love sour blue raspberry flavored bubble gum
* He has been with his Girlfriend for a year and half now and his girlfriend is on the girls softball team
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