the Soul Collector. Picture

Edit: Oops. I made a boo-boo XD. Forgot to erase a "color swatch" on the hair layer. Didn't notice it until I saw it contrasting with the curtains...why do I always forget to erase them? Dammit XD. Well, it's fixed now.

It is done, finally. (Not to sure about the category, may change it later, it was a recommended one, so...we'll just have to wait and see XD.)
And while I think all my artwork is terrible, this is definitely an improvement to the original.
Originally, her hair was too big, so I made it smaller, the face was too srunched up, so I spaced it out a bit.
The color scheme was too dark (I got critiqued on this.) with added lighting I also tried to even out the colors, now it's like a pretty rainbow!!
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