Dance Game Concept Picture

Another random videogame idea! Why am I blessed with so many ideas and no other actual skills?? XD

This is some sort of rhythm game thingy~
The idea is that you use your keyboard like a piano. (You'd be able to assign which keys you're most comfortable with~) And then you have to try and match the keys as they come up, etc etc everything you'd expect.
BUT the difference is that the keymaps would be intuitive, relating both to the tune of the song and the actions of the character(s) onscreen. For example if someone does the splits, you'd have to hit the far right and far left keys at the same time. And if the song gets to a bit where the left and right speakers start playing separate rhythms, you have to start playing separate keymaps on each side of the board. (While maybe the front and backing dancers do different moves?)
Ideally things would be laid out well so that the character would dance to the music in a logical way that coreographs the buttons you need to hit. And maybe there could be some sort of freestyle mode with no buttonmap, where you can make up your own?
You'd still have to hit the timing but could do whatever keys you want- certain keys would give you more points though. (Like.. many different lil awards. For being close to the official keymap, or for being outlandishly different, or for picking super complex moves...) And the character would do whatever dance you just made up, and you could share them online perhaps?
I'm thinking lotsa potential for sharing... and also mods perhaps? Have support for uploading MP3s into the game and composing keymaps for them! Have some sort of editor mode where you can play with the character model and make up new dance steps, then share them online. And maybe even customizeable characters? With support for installing fanmade costume pieces? Kinda like how Sims 2 still has a thriving community modelling new hairstyles and stuff YEARS after the sequel's already been released. It's a great longevity tool!

The char up there is just for demonstration purposes. Ye may remember him from my lame norse mythology fanfic rubbish, and now he's an original OC for Beckoning Reverie~
Sum total of the changes: turned his headfin into horn-spikes. That's it. That's how original he was in the first place. Would you even guess that he was supposed to be Heimdall if I didn't tell you?!
Oh and now his name is Tanneil. Which I totally just made up on the spot.
Seriously I seem to have the opposite problem to most people... most people's fanfic characters are just recoloured pics of naruto.. I make up something totally bizzare and unfitting. Its like... they got the "character" bit wrong, I got the "fan" bit wrong XD Heck, sometimes I totally change the rules of the universe so even the fanfics themselves are more like original stories...
You will not believe how many of my OCs were formerly fanchars... or gijinka pokemon..
*facepalms forever*
Anyway, its a Tanneil. He's dancing. Yay.

The background is one of the base resources from RPGMaker (tm to Enterbrain), and I did a bit of modifying to make it look like a dancefloor~
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