CAW15-8 Ogmah, the Orcish God of Rage Picture

The old stories paint Ogmah as the Great Patron of the Berserkers. A warrior. A general. A heroic, albeit infinitely angry figure said to watch over the bravest, most intense warriors. But hardly worth a passing mention when speaking on the Grand Pantheon of the Orcs. Still, the Orcish belief system is fluid. As clans fought & spread, joined & split, stories evolved. And, over time, Ogmah went from being a simple, saintly incarnation of aggression to the deity associated with war, pain, revenge, conquest, & the burning flame. According to the stories, he did this in true Orc fashion: by cutting down anyone who stood in his way.

The current culmination of the Ogmah mythos begins with Mrakh, the Orcish elder god of the warfare. The ambitious deity wanted to seize control over all of the heavens & amassed a large horde of the bravest souls to do his bidding. These warriors became known as the Berserkers, & fought with an unparalleled level of brutality. For eons after, Orcish soldiers have held the Berserker force as their military ideal. After pillaging a small portion of dominion belonging to Aukimuh, the earth goddess, she cursed the war god out of vengeance. Shortly after, his right tusk began to cause him immense pain. For days it only got worse. Pulling it didn't seem to help, the pain throbbing even after the fang had been extracted. Mrakh suddenly began to whittle into the tooth, creating an orc like figure in the process. The pain only intensifying, Mrakh imbued the figure with life, thus spawning Ogmah. Sensing an unwavering tenacity, Mrakh offered to place Ogmah in command of his vast legion, & in return, cease the agony he was causing the god. Begrudgingly, Ogmah eventually agreed, & went on to lead Mrakh's forces in their conquest of the heavens.

The herald of the war god was instructed to first march upon Degh the Red, the Orcish elder god of fire, in a task Mrakh deviously deemed beyond Ogmah's abilities. The battle was long & hard. Most of Mrakh's factions were destroyed. But still, Ogmah's rage burned stronger than the flames of even the fire god. Locked in a duel with his powerful adversary, Ogmah's blood, already boiling, caught aflame. But Degh failed to realize the futility of trying to hurt something that IS pain. It wasn't long before Ogmah defeated the god (an act that many Orcs believe brought the first fires to the corporeal realms), & usurped the spectral halo known as the Crown Circlet of Flame.

Mrakh was equal parts furious & frightened when Ogmah unexpectedly returned. The story varies from clan to clan on what happened next. Some say it was the god-killing Ogmah who first betrayed Mrakh, by not handing over the crown of Degh. Others say that it was Mrakh, fearing that with the crown might make Ogmah his equal, who struck first. In the end, after another epic duel broke out, this time between the god & his own general. It was this fight where Ogmah picked up his trademark scar when Mrakh sliced his face with the legendary Cleaver of Anaroch. The strike only served to further enrage Ogmah, & his molten blood burning away at wherever it sprayed upon, including Mrakh & the cleaver, which slowly desolved. This served to weaken & disarm the war god, who could never keep pace with his former general. After several hours, the elder war god Mrakh eventually lay dead at the feet of the powerful Ogmah. Fearing further conquest, the other gods gathered & recognized Ogmah as the new, one true god of rage, & both war, & fire, & paid him tribute. Perceiving it as an act of cowardice, it did little to lessen Ogmah's endless rage, but he still promised to cease any further personal conquest of the heavenly dominion. At least for the time being.

When off the field of battle, Ogmah is often portrayed in the traditional wrestling attire of Clans that wander the Sundrowned Steppe. Some objective scholars believe that might be due to the fact that Ogmah might be loosely based on a real life Orcish General from that region who was said to live during the Second century. A general so revered, mythology had to have been rewritten to include him. Ogmah also forever adorns the Crown Circlet of Flame, the rite of the one true fire god. Evidence of his burning rage is seen in his fiery eyes & scar, his symbol being two dots, split by a diagonal slash between them. To pay him tribute, warriors build makeshift shrines using giant slabs of rock. There, they leave teeth (ideally knocked out of their victims), & Olzokh, a kind of powerful grain alcohol that causes blindness in races lacking the constitution of Orcs.

As one of the unapproved gods, his worship was banned among the assimilated clans of the Allied Republic. The members of the ruling races who drafted the ban believed holding belligerence as a sacred aspect of religion might lead to undue violence. Still, it didn't stop the tales of Ogmah from spreading. Outside the boundaries of the Republic, clans continued to speak on the virtues of Ogmah. According to the beliefs of the blood cults to the North, his conquest never trulyended & over time, he became their chief deity. The warrior class, constantly fighting back these northern hordes, started speaking of Ogmah as well, ironically at first, but with growing revere over time. Now fighters of all races, & even from among the Republic itself, discreetly ask for Ogmah's blessing, hoping a tooth & a little booze might grant them little more rage will numb their pains & strengthen their resolve in combat.

Ugh. Too much detail. Happy with the outcome, though I'm still not 100% on the colors. And back on that fake religion/mythology thing again. Whatever. Just wanted to go & make a traditional Orc type guy. Even though I definitely like the way Stokoe's doing them in Orc Stain better. But I did this more for muscle practice at first & because hulking figures aren't something I do all that often.

The sort of idea after wanting to do an Orc was to maybe do their version of Crom. The coming from the tooth bit was supposed to be like Athena from Greek mythology, but i liked it because it kind of tied in all the dumb teeth I covered him in just to make him look more like a badass. I liked the idea of this dude sort of not starting out a god & becoming one a couple times over through conquest. I had a couple of different versions of this. Mostly because for a god of rage, he wasn't coming out angry enough. I think this works okay, but even this seems a little tame to me. I also kept going back & forth on how to design his get up. I was thinking about what would be the kind of idyllic badass armor for an Orc God. Like I felt a little bit like it should be metal as hell, with spikes & on fire & stuff. But then for some reason thought it'd be more interesting if I made him look like some sort of traditional Mongolian wrestler for some reason. As far as that kind of wrestling get-up goes though, I had to stop at the shorty-short hot pants though because they are a little too goofy to me, make it seem a little less threatening. I meant to add a few bones & skulls & shit too along with all the teeth & fangs but I was already going a little nutty on the detail. So yeah, ultimately, I like this but I felt like I could've tackled the initial concept a little better, if that makes sense.

And while the colors kind of shifted & things as I worked on it, I liked how the initial flats turned out. So I exported a slightly bigger flat version, to show a little more detail too.…

And yeah, I was originally trying to post these on Thursdays because the first of the year fell on one, but I think posting every Monday will work out better for me. I think I can get more done this way actually. So yeah, if you're interested, see you next Monday.

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