Fenris Wolfie Doodles Picture

Various doodles of Fenris in his normal form. Humanoid form here: [link] But zis is normal form.
I always thought he got the short end of the stick out of Loki's children, being an ordinary wolf instead of a more creative monster. Jormangundr was also an ordinary snake if you just go by the text, but ancient illustrations went crazy and made him some big red bull-faced serpent with arms for some reason. So I built my version of Fenris from the concept idea of a 'prototype wolf'- since he's an ancient mythological creature maybe he could look like a wolf that hasn't quite become a wolf? So I mashed him up a little like some sort of mix-and-match evolution creature. Mainly he's a wolf with some mannerisms of a cat (and retractable claws), but also has bigger batlike ears and birdie talons for back legs. (I picked those after seeing my friend Zoe's adorable budgie XD)

Going into more detail pic by pic (numbered from left to right, top to bottom):
1) He can sorta balance on his hind legs but only for a second or so. He also sucks at howling. But together it's an adorable failure dance XD
2) Daww, did youse find numnums? XD Yeah, Fenris doesn't understand why being a man-eating monster makes people hate him. He got a taste for people flesh after a bit of an escapade where he bit off one of the gods' arms as they were trying to imprison him. And since he doesn't see any difference between people and animals (like him), he just went 'yay I tried a new food' and wanted to do it again. He wouldn't randomly attack anybody (he wouldn't stand a chance against an adult human and besides that's mean) but if he sniffs out a corpse he's gonna go 'Munchies!' and not 'Hey this is suspicious and I should call the police.' It gets him into trouble sometimes. Fortunately his second favourite meat is the more-easily-aquired beef so he doesn't sneak out to hunt for person-shaped lunch very often.
Oh and it may be hard to tell but that's meant to be his tail abruptly stopping as it hits the ground and turning into a shadow that extends off beyond it. I suck at showing shadows in sketch form. Like his dad has firey hair, Fenris' elemental affinity shows itself via his tail which can mimic the darkness of the night sky. His ears also act like shadows even if they actually aren't- it does kinda creep people out once they notice his flesh and hair is rippling like shifting darkness.
He doesn't have much control over any of this, so he'll often just be wagging his tail and accidentely get it stuck in the floor or have his ears suddenly become ten feet long.
3) Sitting on your brother's [link] head = cute. Accidentely tearing open his stitches = less cute.
one trip to the emergency room later and he was forgiven cos he made a very sweet get well card
4) P.S: he can fly. Wheeee~
P.P.S: he's not brave enough to levitate all that high so he just hovers around at knee level like a fluffy spaceship.
5) Just a random cute pose. Fenris' talons can be used similarly to hands, and he's even able to walk around on his front paws while carrying stuff in both of em. (He's pretty skilled and agile for just a baby!) He's holding his doll Lump, who's a handmade mooshy thingy sewn together out of a sock and a bunch of random fabric patches that were lying around. She's meant to be a narwhal, because those are Fenris's favourite animals. (He loves unicorns and he loves his brother the snake, and sees narwhals as somewhere in between XD) Fenris has Lump as his only doll, because he's pretty destructive and clumsy and he's gotta prove he can take care of a basic plushie before he can get things with brushable hair or small parts. But in the end he likes her better than the toys he wanted in the first place and takes her everywhere~
Oh and also this pose is here to show off his tail being huge. When he makes it shadowy enough it starts sprouting little stars. Well, actually weird squishy marshmallow-esque glowy things in the shape of cartoon stars. Sometimes they fall out and litter the house, which is annoying when its the middle of the night and you're trying to get the annoying light out from under the bottom of the wardrobe using a spatula. (they lose their light after a couple hours but it's still frustrating)
6) And now he's tuckered out from all this posing for the camera XD
Loki: *pat pat* :3 silly baby~

Thus ends a random attempt at making people go 'aww' at a legendary monster~
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