East Meets West Picture

Another photomanipulation, I'm taking a Photoshop class and I'm trying o put the things I've learned to good use.

I figure this scene has taken place after an altercation between a satyr and a wandering samurai (why the two would be in the same region... I don't know, but why not!?). The satyr obviously said something stupid... and well, you can see what happened.

The Real people responsible for this image are:

~Ithylia-stock (for the samurai chick pic)
*slimfadey (for the upper half of the satyr)
~cypherstock (for the satyr horns)
*Drezdany-stocks (for the lower half of the satyr)
~stocklove (for the background wooded scene)

*quick edit to change the placement of the blood... oops
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