The Passing Of Unandir Picture

Unandir was a sylvan elf of Mirkwood and one of the first of the Sindarin to learn the language of the Ents, of whom he came to love more than anything in Middle Earth. The reason for this was the immense knowledge they gifted him while in their company. He was considered the protector and keeper of the ancient lore of the first times of Middle Earth, which only the Ents and a handfull of the oldest of the Teleri had in their possesion.

During the Second Age The War Of The Last Alliance raged and Orcs poured into the forests bent on tearing down all the trees. An army led by Oropher met the Orc horde at the edge of The Great Forest where, because they were seperated from the supreme command of Gil-Galad, many elves of the Greenwood died. For though they were courageous, they were poorly equipped for battle. Among those who sacrificed his life for his beloved forest and the Ents was Unandir. Though mortally wounded he managed to bring himself back to the place he loved the most in his heart and there laid himself down in the waiting arms of his favourite Golden Oak where he was drawn in and became a part of the great tree. And to this day one can still find the beautiful purple and golden Unan flowers growing only around the grandest Golden Oaks of the forest.
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