Evander II Picture

Eighty-two reincarnations before he was Round and Round’s protagonist, Sebastian Vandenberg was Evander, the founder of Rome. Unfortunately for Evander, as it is for most ‘founders’ of countries, there were already people there who weren’t big fans of being founded. Thus, Herulus, the King of Praeneste decided the place wasn’t big enough for the both of them and decided to send Evander back where he came from (which was Arcadia, in Greece). In Italy, Evander “taught the primitive inhabitants about agriculture, how to read and write, of music and about the gods. He’d founded a city of wood and clay, of thatched houses and a citadel beside the river Tiber.” But Evander’s most amusing innovation was the festival of Lupercalia, in which men ran naked through Rome and spanked women with leather thongs in order to make them more fertile. And thus the sigil on his shield is of Lupa, the she-wolf. Towards the edge is a stylised moth/caterpillar repeating pattern. From above the metal domes on his armour reflect the atomic structure of phosphorus and he also wears a chequered kiton. The image was hand-drawn, inked, painted and then scanned.
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