OtherWorlde Application: Eder Picture

Decided to try for this, so here goes...

Name: Eder Ispilu (Ispilu preferred)
Age: 16
Height: 162.56 cm, 5 ft 4 inches
Species: Personification: The spirit of an object that took on personality and appearance. It is still bound to the object it came from, and if the object is destroyed, they die and vice versa.

Academic Information
Level: Beginner
Current Classes: SHM 103, CRS 102, CRS 104
Passed Classes: None
Experience: 0

Personal Information
Likes: Some of her favorite things are children, dogs, cats, birds, and silver. She enjoys playing the piano and math. Really loves math. She likes action, SciFi and comedy movies, but really loves reading above a movie anyday. She’ll always drop anything to read a book, and is completely dead to the world when reading. Damage one of her books, and you pay. Particularly likes reading about mythology and fantasy. She has a fascination with bones; indeed, she collects them all the time. She also likes fairies and is looking for them wherever she goes.
Dislikes: People who categorize others or ignore family members. People who often break things or are otherwise clumsy. Tarnish. Broken glass. Mirrors. People who like looking in mirrors for extended periods of time. Demons. Family.
Fears: Her mirror breaking. The mirror world, going back into it. Hearing someone speak and not being able to tell where they are. Changing. Falling in love. Falling in general. Heights, physical confrontations, not knowing anything about someone.

Strengths: Math, piano, sight reading, note discerning, remembering things.
Weaknesses: bruises and breaks bones incredibly easily, has horrible stage fright. Thinks of herself before others. Often can’t put her emotions into words and has difficulty communicating herself. Physically weak. Doesn’t take criticism or insults well, and tends to overreact.
Goals: Revenge on the thieves who killed her friend, to become a separate entity from her mirror.
Personality: When stressed or placed in an emotionally fraught situation, she will act insensitively and/or break down. She doesn’t deal well with other people. When confronted, she will either literally run or stand and fight, reacting harshly. When frightened, she has the same reactions. She has a strong emotional attachment to her mirror, and never lets it out of her pocket or more than two feet away, though she wraps it in tissue paper and never looks at it. She hates reflective things and dislikes bright colors, often to be seen bumping into things and walking around with her hands out and her eyes closed.
She tends to form an immediate first impression of someone. She gravitates to people with a kind-seeming exterior. She can’t differentiate sarcasm or lies from honesty. Her first impression colors everything about how she reacts. She is very indecisive when faced with two opposite choices, but impulsive. She holds a grudge like nobody’s business, but never forgets a favor. She prefers inside to outside and dark places to bright places. Ispilu likes animals and small children, ‘the innocent’ as she has termed them, and hates seeing people sick or injured. This will not stop her from making graphic threats when angered, but she is terrified of heights, will do anything to avoid them, and loathes physical confrontations. She is paranoid.
History: Hoo boy. In Spain, there was a noble family. One of the children was born with a condition later termed Wolfsrachen, but at the time, he was seen as an abomination. His face was swaddled so that no one could see it and he was locked into an attic.
Now, it just so happened that many of the family’s old antiques had been shoved into the attic, including a giant silverwork mirror. The boy became fascinated with the mirror, speaking to it as if it were a live thing.
His mother sent him books that taught him math, geography, music and other subjects. He often played an old, out-of-tune piano that rested in front of the mirror. From one of the books, he learned Basque. Turning to the mirror, he decided that a lovely mirror should have a beautiful name, and called her Eder Ispilu- ‘beautiful mirror’ in Basque.
He didn’t know that the mirror was actually listening. Old things create spirits within themselves, and ‘Eder Ispilu’ was no exception. He spoke more and more to the mirror like it was a living human, and tended towards the idea that it was a girl. He showed her how to do math and play music, often telling the mirror riddles. He described to her how she would look and sound, and she listened, forming her spirit to match the shape.
One day, though, thieves entered the attic. They were startled by the boy, not expecting anyone to be there, and killed him. Horror-stricken, Ispilu attempted to take revenge, but could not leave the reflection in the mirror. She was trapped there until she felt a hand press on her back and a hoarse whisper telling her to take revenge. Seconds later, she had left the mirror and it had shrunk until it could fit in her pocket. The same disembodied whisper commanded her to seek OtherWorlde. If, it sneered, she could ever separate herself from her mirror, she could take her revenge.
She sought OtherWorlde until she found it.

Misc. Information:

Roleplay Information
Chatroom Availability: Depends on how hectic a week it been, but normally Thursdays and Wednesdays. Maybe on Tuesdays.
IM Availability: Skype, same hours.
How did you find #OtherWorlde?: I saw the journal noting new enrollment in the portal and was curious, so I clicked on it and became fascinated.

Script Sample: *Ispilu stands and smiles guardedly. She looks strangely mismatched, like some sloppy creator god sewed together two opposite faces with complete disregard for the final product. She studies everyone nervously, feeling a little like she is about to jump off a cliff.* Present. *she sits back down, relaxing as she does so, letting out a huge whoosh of breath. She shifts uneasily so that she leans back and tries very hard not to look anywhere but at her hands and the desk. It obviously fails, as she is, within seconds, looking back up and staring around at people with unbridled curiousity that some would find rude, wondering if anyone here is a fairy or will ever be her friend.*
Paragraph Sample: Ispilu is reading quietly in the corner, a blue-covered 500 word affair that rests in her hands, clearly absorbing all of her attention. When the cup is placed before her, she glances up, tilting the book so that it is just that much harder to see either the cover or the text. “Thank you. You are…?” she asks, raising one eyebrow, which creates a profoundly strange twist to her expression. She relaxes back a little, settling in to wait for an answer.
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