Forest Dreams Picture

This is my second entry for the Celtic Creature Contest hosted by *Celtic-Dreaming.

My initial idea for a dryad was a female tree spirit that inhabits a tree and can merge into it if she wants to, or show herself if she wants to. So my plan was to make part of her tree-like in a human form. I stuck to that idea pretty tightly even if her bark doesn't match the tree's bark...maybe she inhabits more than one kind of tree. Maybe she's the whole forest's dryad.

I think it's really pretty, (if I'm allowed to say such a thing about my own work) and I love how it turned out. I was stuck for a while; it just wasn't looking right, then I made her skin paler and that was what it needed. I think that gave it a sort of "classic beauty" look (tanning hasn't always been "in" you know). I think it kinda looks like an old photo with the dark edges and somewhat muted colors (in places).

I had great luck with finding the stocks I used. The first one I found was the tree cave, which was just exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't sure on what pose I wanted the model to have, so I downloaded a bunch of different ones and chose the one I liked best. I've been wanting to use some of cknude's stock for a while, so I finally got my chance
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