The Barrow Downs Picture

Downs east of the Old Forest in Eriador. They were known as the Barrow-downs because of the barrows, or burial mounds, that had been made there.
The first burial mounds on the Barrow-downs were said to have been built in the First Age by the forefathers of the Edain before they migrated to Beleriand. In the Third Age, the Dunedain, who revered the downs as a resting place of their ancestors, buried many of their lords and kings there. When the northern realm of Cardolan was defeated by the forces of Angmar in 1409, some of the Dunedain took refuge in the Barrow-downs and in the Old Forest beyond. Some of their slain, including the last prince of Cardolan, were buried in mounds on the downs.

The hills of the Barrow-downs were covered with short, springy grass. Many of the hills had mounds upon them and some had standing Rune Stones that stood out of the ground like jagged teeth inscribed with the deeds of old of the Dunedain.

When the Great Plague swept north in 1636, many of the people of Cardolan perished and the Barrow-downs were abandoned. The Witch-king then sent evil spirits from Angmar and Rhudaur to the Barrow-downs to enter the barrows. These evil spirits were known as Barrow-wights. The Barrow-downs became a place of fear and now a new evil has entered the barrows and have claimed them for their own! "The Ekine!"
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