Old and New Picture

I've always followed Celtic art, mythology, ancient and modern culture. Growing up I learned alot about my Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Gaulish ancestry (not all the Gauls were directly from Germanic tribes, after all, the Celts got into Gaul as well). My mother has done and continues to do lots of research into the history of the Celts. Some of my earliest book reports (you know, the third grade ones that have to be a page and seem soooo huge?) were about Cuchulain, William Wallace, The Massacre of the MacDonalds. I've also done my own research into the IRA, the tensions in Ireland, the history of the Scotts and the English. I've visited Trinity college, seen the book of Kells. I have walked down the old High Road in Endinburgh, travelled the paths around Loch Lommond, seen the glen at Glencoe.

As a result of growing up in such history, of choosing to steep myself in it, I have seen a great diversity in the modern Celts. I have also seen what respect they still hold for their own history, their own ancestry. So it is that I've come up with these designs - the left is inspired by the knotwork of the book of Kells - simple colors, no shading, but still detailed. Bright. And made in Ireland. The other is based on the modern knotwork designs I've seen of late - greys, dark blues, shading. From places like Japan, China, New Guinea, the US. I have too many thoughts on the implications of this diversity to go into detail about them here, but it does give you things to think about, at least.

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