Asgard - Loke meets Oden Picture

The first gods - Wodan (Oden), Vile and Ve - has killed Ymer and created the world from Ymer’s body. The three brothers are taking a walk through the new world. From two pieces of wood they created the first humans, Ask and Embla.

In this world there also are some giants, survivors of the big flood of blood at the slaying of Ymer. The name giants is a bit misleading. All giants are not big. They come in a lot of different sizes. Loke is a small giant, the size of a human. He is weak and has to get by using his wit. He is at the bottom of the pecking order in the society of giants. He desperately needs to find a place where he fits in.

Here Loke sees the three gods and recognizes their powers. A specially the power of Oden.

Vile and Ve also see that Oden have more power than they have. They get jealous and plan to kill Oden. Loke saves Oden by giving him a warning. Oden and Loke become blood brothers. Vile and Ve are exiled for a period.

The events described in the paragraph above is conclusions on my part based on the "mythological facts" that Vile and Ve more or less disappear from the stories after the creation of the third race (humans) and that Oden and Loke have become blood brothers, but no explanation on how this unlikely event have come about ever is given.

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