tHe LyRe ByRd Picture

(During the development of Jaggity for my rp group, FTN; LyRe was the protential candiate till Jaggity came along. So I found a better place for him.)
LyRe ByRd exists in a alternate Earth were instead of google or bing computer AI's giving us all the answers-there are three robots.
One is called USD who pulls all the factual information from the internet (He answers questions about law, legality, proven theories, sciences;things we know is true.)
The other is LyRe who pulls all the fictional information from the internet and also deals with social networkings as a hobby of sorts (stories about mythology and 'what is the point of life' questions that have no direct real answer.)
A Third one is called SpYdRe-which filters and censors information before sending it out into the world.
LyRe is the youngest and most mischevious. Out of all three-he is the only one capable of actually Lying. In his spare time, he likes to cause 401 errors, internet dissconnections, black outs and computer crashes. He's frequently scolded for it. His name is actually shared with a rainforest bird called the Lyre Bird. This speacil bird mimics the sounds of the forest around it-but as the rainforest is being cut down, the bird sings the sounds of chainsaws, cars starting, men swearing and machinery. It literally is singing of it's own demise. The LyRe also sings of humanities demises, spreading chainletters and abusive messages that humanity insists on putting on the internet.
The LyRe ByRd belongs to me. (USD and SpYdRe actually belong to WritersBlockCentral. She has yet to post their pictures.)
You can ask him questions and such too like all my other Ocs.

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