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Name: Sinhal Cheung

Blood: Yellow. Sinhal is hardly ever concious of the hemospectrum. He acknowledges that he's a lowblood, and that's about as much care as he gives to it.

Age: 7 sweeps, yup.

Title: Knight of Form. Sinhal has the ability to change his form to miscellaneous shapes and can also take the form of his enemies, depending on the situation. He can't copy his friends' forms on demand, though, and most of his powers only really work in combat.

Land: Land of Vectors and Spark (LOVAS). An eerie place made of ever-changing polygonal shapes and moved by yellow lightining-like sparks.

Denizen: Theia, in greek mythology, is the "Titan of sight".

Weaponkind: Nunchuckkind. Sinhal isn't strong, but uses his lightweight form for speed.

Fetch Modus: Finger trap. Like the Chinese finger trap, Sinhal has to unlodge any item from his sylladex by at first pushing it back. This often leads to him pushing it too far and the item being lodged behind the second, but works otherwise.

Quirk: Sinhal uses both slashes for v's, but doesn't change much else. His choice of punctuation is quite bland, and he'll avoid using exclamation marks or the likes unless completely necessary.

Note: For some unknown reason, Sinhal's lusus trained him to keep his eyes squinted. His body adapted to this and he can no longer open his eyes properly. Because of this, he needs glasses in order to focus properly, and goes blind in bright light as his "squinting" is just closing his eyes.

Ancestor: The Mapmaker/The Prisoner. The Mapmaker used to be just that, working under the royals to help navigate their ships and record journeys. At some point, a MYSTERIOUS EVENT occurred, after which he was kept prisoner in an underground dungeon for an unspecified period of time.

Symbol: ɣ - Greek letter Gamma, lowercase.

♥ - ?
♠ - Cresra Lumina ζ (Yeah her design's still in my notebooks but I'll put it on here at some point)
♦ - Threes Vision ε
♣ - ?
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