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FINALLY finished this after asdfing forever. LOL I only dragged this out for, what, half a year almost? XD This is still pretty much temporary, though. I threw colors on and shit. Yeah.

It was supposed to be a "Oh, I'll just take a couple of hours to SORT OF clean up the lineart and throw some colors on." Turned into "OMG FASTEST LINEART EVAR WTF."

So yeah. I should be sleeping. Or since it's so early already, I might as well stay up and hope I don't pass out in class. I have my priorities all wrong. Derp.

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Height: 6’3” – 90.5cm
Weight: 192 lbs – 87 kg
Hair: Dull Prussian Blue
Eyes: Amber
Skin: Olive/Tanned
Lvl: 5

Being a vagrant with no calling for a settled life, Sian typically wanders the wilderness and roads between towns, frequenting local guilds for odd jobs. When not on an errand, she spends most of her time fighting monsters and collecting trapper’s spoils. She is something of a peculiar character, with little known background. Sian admits she is of half-elven descent, but has no aptitude for magic.

Sian is certainly quite rough around the edges, being rather short-tempered, impatient, and rather reckless at times, but is generally a good person when it all comes down to it, and does not mind going out of her way to run an errand or two if she has nothing better to do (which usually seems to be the case). She prefers actions to words, having something of an ineptitude for expressing herself through the latter. That being the case, her emotions are usually readily apparent, and with her heart ever on her proverbial sleeve, Sian makes an awful liar. Unfortunately, her awkward social tendencies often make her seem unapproachable, especially because of her imposing stature. Sian loves a good fight and is very proud of her own physical ability and muscular physique. However, she has difficulty holding herself back and sometimes fails to recognize her own strength. Oddly enough, apart from the occasional rowdy tavern brawl, she tends to keep mostly to herself, preferring quieter places away from the noise and bustle of town. She loves animals, but is a bit uncomfortable around children - especially younger ones.

- Fang Strike
- Havoc Strike
- Infliction

[ battle start ]
“This’ll be fun.”
“Agh, what a pain.” (repeated encounters)
“This is gonna be good…” (underleveled)
“Gah, why’s there so many of ‘em?” (large group)
“Heh, big guy, eh?” (large enemy)

[ in battle ]
“Get lost!"
“Hah! Take that!”
“Hraaah!” (overlimit)
“C’mon!” (taunt 1)
“Hey, over here!” (taunt 2)
“Nice try!”
"Forget it!" (enemy spell stop)

“Hrmph!” (guard)
“Uragh!” (guardbreak)
“Ugh, that hurts…” (critical)

[ item/heal ]
“Here!” (give item)
“Thanks!” (receive item/heal)
“There!” (self)
“Now I'm pissed...” (revive)

[ escape ]
“Let’s get outta here!” (start)
“Go!” (end)
“Whatever! We can take ‘em!” (cancel)

[ strategy ]
“Keep close!” (guard)
“Hah! That’s more like it!” (all out)
“Take it easy, huh?” (reserve)
“No rules? Yeah!” (cancel)

[ techs ]
“Got it!” (command)
“Pfeh, that didn't work...” (ineffective)
“Ready for this?” (new tech)

[ death ]
“Uurgh… Dammit…”

[ after battle ]
- normal -
“Well, that was fun.”
“Hrmph, that’s enough of that.”

- critical -
“Oogh, that was tough.” (poison)
“Hahh… Heh, let’s not do that again.”

Eli Nightingale - traveling companion, ward
Latiel Nel’Fierra - younger sister

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