Beckey year2 Picture

bum bum bum. Today is Beckey, my Babies second birthday and she is now 2 years old. allot has happened in that time. oh she looks so old! (I suck at drawing toddlers) and I drew this for her birthday because I love my baby.
and yes incase your wondering wtf that is behind Beckey, it’s her Pet griffin Delilah. Bucket gave her to Beckey as a present last year and their always together, I hadn’t drawn Delilah yet so I did now. I can't draw animals...let alone mythological ones. but eh I did okay on her....I give it a 6 out of 10...but yea I just gotta update Beckey once a year. I love my Beckey and I need to monitor her progress as she grows. yes I dress her. and yes I dress my daughter like a Pollock even thought she’s Scottish / Puerto Rican. can’t ya tell who dresses her!?...she’s 2 she doesn’t dress herself! but yea. she’s my baby and I love her, i tred something new here. i just tweaked the black on hers and delilahs faces. it looks tad out of place but good ina weird way....i doubt ill do that again i just wanted beckeys hair to look black instead of grey. i'm relatively happy with this.

but as a self reminder I need to remember I need new flesh color markers.

Beckey & Delilah (c)
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