Viale del Sole - Free Bird RAW Picture

EDIT: Changed from 'Sol' to 'Sole', since 'Viale del' is in Italian, I don't want to confuse it with Spanish. >.< As you see, 'Sol' is sun in spanish. Sun in Italian should be 'Sole'. I confused between the two since moon in both Italian and Spanish is 'Luna'. >.<

While the image's text will be changed soon.. Later. As you see, the text 'Viale del Sol' still remains intact on the bottow of the image. >.<


Changes... Well, the title has been changed to 'Free Bird' rather than 'Solaris Aria' the moment it reminded me of Lynyrd Skynyrd's song, Free Bird. I think it just matches?
And so.. Yadda yadaa here's Mirsha Lawrence Doel from my original series, Lunarus: [link] . Somewhere on an avenue of Sol. ZOMG she's at the sun's civilization!
As for the image.. Yeah the birds are just average, so do the background(and also, notice that the building in the middle has different width & length, that makes what looks like a round dome on top an oval one
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